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Wanderlust Movie Review

In the 2012 movie, Wanderlust, Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd star as a married couple with a bad luck streak in New York City. George (Paul Rudd) desperately works several different desk jobs and while continuing to be extremely unhappy with them.

Linda (Jennifer Aniston) doesn’t really commit to a job simply because she hasn’t found her passion in life yet. So instead Linda decides to take up a bunch of different hobbies hoping to find her niche. The couple is beyond broke and decides to try their luck out by living with George’s jerk of a brother, Rick (Ken Marino), in Georgia. Along the way the couple ends up at a bed in breakfast which turns out to be a commune filled with a bunch of hippies. The couple decides to stay for the night before continuing their trip to Rick’s house.  To the couples surprise they loved the time they spent there. After arriving at Rick’s house George and Linda are given a rather cold welcome and soon feel like they are out in the dog house. The couple decides that they do not want to put up with the rude treatment and head back to the Commune.

The movie was filled with many memorable moments and laughter. However I did have a lot of nudity and crude humor. The film did include a lot of language and drug references. It also contained many nude scenes of full frontals of both the men and women. I would suggest that if you decide to see this movie, to not make it a family outing. If the above mentioned points in the movie sound the least bit offensive, I would suggest picking another movie.

Most of the comedy humor is the obvious plot twists and cheap laughs. The movie itself did not have much of a plot and was just mostly a confusion of this couples bad luck and them bouncing around between all the eccentric people at the commune and the jerk of a brother. I did laugh mostly at the beginning because there was more humor in seeing how down the couple really was, but as the movie progressed it became so much about the drugs and nudity that it gave a sense of awkwardness at points to be watching it among all the other individuals at the theater. The movie wasn’t received well and got  low ratings in both the box office and by film critics.

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