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FIFA 15: Bringing Soccer to the Indoors

FIFA 15: Bringing Soccer to the Indoors
Photo courtesy @EASPORTSFIFA official twitter

The FIFA’s hit soccer video games has just had its latest release, FIFA 15, on Sept. 23, 2014. The FIFA series is known for its simulation of the soccer, and changes the sport into a more competitive way to play indoors.

The graphics in the FIFA games have gotten more detailed with every installment, and this upcoming new addition for the next generation of consoles like the Xbox One and PS4 with graphics better than ever before. Many of the players look very realistic and the physics look more fluid and fast paced like a real game of soccer.

The game’s main field is very wide and both sides can see their players clearly. Whenever a certain maneuver, penalty or goal is made, the camera pans into stunning, life-like images of the players. Sometimes the players show frustration from getting a penalty or the excitement for scoring a goal. Goalkeepers have also gotten more detailed expressions and movement with the addition of fifty new goal saving animations.

The commentary in the games has also been enhanced as fans in the stadium also have emotional behaviors and chants for each specific country’s team. Country’s teams in the game are also up to date with recent players that most soccer fans would know of such as Luis Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi. Each player on a team comes with their own statistics and roles making the game more immersive to the player and giving the game a more strategic feel. With different strategies to score a goal and many obstacles standing in the way of the player, it will take a cool mind and a good team to win the game. The game also has a hub to stay connected to other players online and get the latest in soccer news on their favorite teams and leagues.

With multiple fields of all of the countries available to the players, they can choose whether or not to challenge themselves with the new weather effect system.  Rainy weather makes the field wet and slippery making the player’s movement’s slicker and the ball easier to escape the player’s feet. Snow has also been added which slows the player down making it more likely that the opposite team can catch up faster. The wind during both of these effects can also effect the game, slightly changing the direction of the ball when it is kicked.

With the World Cup ending only a few months ago, the excitement for this game is still large and the thrill for competitive soccer is still in some of the fans minds. If you happen to be one of these fans or are just a person looking for a way to play sports without all of the exercise and skill, then this game is definitely up your isle.

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