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United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Photo Credits: @CaptainAmerica

Its all come down to this; two qualified candidates face their toughest battle yet. Now, the ultimate question still remains: team Iron Man or team Captain America?

“Captain America: Civil War” hit the big screen on May 6. The highly anticipated summer blockbuster stars returning favorites Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Scarlett Johansson, as well as newcomers to the Marvel universe, Tom Holland (Spider-Man) and Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther).

After another act of heroism from the Avengers causes devastating collateral damage, the government decides to drop the hammer (and we’re not talking about Mjolnir) on the team of superheroes, insisting that any further action on their part should be regulated by the United Nations. The first sparks fly when Iron Man (Downey) sides with the government, but Captain America (Evans) opts for the freedom of his team and their actions.

The government’s interference and the weight of other occurring events involving the Winter Soldier, Captain America’s old pal Bucky Barnes (played by Sebastian Stan), turns a civil disagreement between Cap and Iron Man into an all-out war and forces the members of the Avengers, and some new up and coming heroes, to pick a side.

While returning favorites, such as Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow (Johansson), continue to deliver a power packed performance, it’s the newest additions to the Avengers family that truly steal the show in “Civil War.”

Spider-Man (Holland) and Ant-Man (played once again by Paul Rudd) can hold their own in a fight with their uncanny abilities, but the real superpower that these two possess is a sharp sense of humor. Their screen time, sadly, is slight, but Holland and Rudd command every second of it with extraordinary moves and witty retorts. Though his size may be lacking, Ant-Man still manages to pack one big surprise that will have audiences applauding with delight.

As for the web slinger, well, Marvel studios may have finally hit the nail on the head this time. The character of Spider-Man has been a hot button issue in the past, with the hero’s franchise being done and re-done with different actors, neither of whom met fans expectations. Tom Holland, the latest actor to don the red and blue suit is the perfect blend of the awkward Peter Parker and the snarky Spider-Man that audiences have been waiting for. And the spider suit has never looked better; it’s new design is a sleek and nostalgic throwback to the wall crawler’s original comic book style.

Black Panther (Boseman) had plenty of screen time, but wasn’t exactly a scene stealer. “Civil War” acted as a means of introducing the lesser known Marvel hero to the cinematic world before his solo film hits theaters. Boseman will reprise his role in late 2017.

Fans will find little to dislike about this latest installment of the Captain America franchise. No matter which hero audience members are rooting for, everyone will be highly satisfied with the outcome of the film and the explosive and emotional journey it takes to reach it. “Civil War” gets a power packed 5/5.

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