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Who Let the Dogs Out?

At long last, mankind now has an answer to a most peculiar age old question: what in the world do our pets do while we’re away?

The animated adventure, “The Secret Life of Pets”, chronicles a day in the life of two canine companions and their adventures on the mean streets of New York City. The film stars Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, and Kevin Hart.

Max (Louis C.K.), a steadfast terrier, finds his peaceful world turned upside down when Katie (Ellie Kemper), his beloved owner, brings home an oafish stray named Duke (Eric Stonestreet). Not willing to share Katie’s affection, Max schemes to send his unwanted roommate back to the pound, but unexpectedly finds himself along for the ride. When the two are rescued by a tough talking bunny named Snowball (Kevin Hart), they find themselves in a whole new world of trouble. It’s up to their friends, a rag tag team of dogs, birds, a cat, and a guinea pig, to bring Max and Duke home safely before Katie gets home and discovers them missing.

“The Secret Life of Pets” is the newest feature from Illumination Entertainment, the same production company known for creating such humorous and heartwarming tales such as “Despicable Me” and “The Lorax”. While it is charming, “The Secret Life of Pets”, unfortunately, doesn’t quite surpass any of Illumination’s earlier creations. The film is entertaining, but offers no relatable message, and the humor and sentiment are fleeting. It’s the perfect cinematic treat for young children, but older kids and adults will find it mediocre at best.

Those sad puppy dog eyes just don’t cut it this time; no matter how cute and goofy Max, Duke, and all of their furry friends are, their antics only earn “The Secret Life of Pets” a 3/5. Illumination’s next animated animal adventure, called “Sing”, is slated for release this December.

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