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Making a Mess at the Back to School Bash

Back to school is always a time filled with much happiness, anxiety, and hope. The transition from a long, school free summer may seem daunting, but the excitement of being reunited with friends is always an amazing feeling. Each year, Saint Leo University’s Campus Activities Board welcomes its students hosting a Back to School Bash, where students are given an opportunity to eat, socialize, and dance, while they are drenched in multi-colored neon paints.

On Aug. 26 at 8pm, the Student Community Center came to life as the Back to School Bash commenced. Though it was initially rainy, students were eager to take part in the evening of fun. They were especially excited about their white T-shirts, and the tasty food which was being offered for no charge.

Rebecca Hugh, a sophomore double majoring in Marketing and Multimedia Management was enthusiastic about attending her first paint party. “After a very rough first week of school, and working hard not to fall behind on reading, this was exactly what I needed on a Friday night. My friends and I definitely had fun, and this was an excellent way for me to destress,” said Hugh.

Laurian Simpson, who is a freshman majoring in Biomedical and Health Sciences shared a similar perspective: “I am really glad I came, and I am so happy that it stopped raining. I was worried the event would be cancelled due to the rain, but that did not happen and that’s all that matters. This paint party allowed me and my roommate to come out of our rooms, and meet new people and have fun after such a long week of school.”

Overall, The Campus Activities Board did an excellent job of ensuring that the annual Back to School Bash was a success. The students seemed to enjoy the event, and the atmosphere was filled with happiness, and the air filled with cheers and laughter.

Students are encouraged to follow Campus Activities Board on social media to get alerts about similar activities happening on campus:


Facebook: @CABSLU


Twitter: @Saintleo_Cab


Instagram: @SLU_CAB


Snapchat: SLU_CAB


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