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Dive Right In


Starting on Aug. 31, tropical storm Hermine slowly began to tear its way through Pasco County as it swept across the state of Florida. But Saint Leo students and members of CAB refused to let a little rain put a damper on their fun; the evening Dive-In movie continued as planned.

Rather than cancel the event, the 8:30 p.m. screening of “The Shallows,” originally planned to be poolside, was moved indoors to the SCC Boardrooms. Despite the fact that the event had been changed drastically, a surprising number of students still attended.

“We were actually expecting a lot less people because of the nasty weather,” said Kira Parisi, computer science major and marketing chair for CAB’s e-board. “But there seemed to be more people than there were chairs, which was a good sign.”

Some members of CAB feared that the event would not be as exciting for students without the added element of the pool.

“The pool was supposed to add a little more fun, the feature being a shark movie and all,” said Parisi. “But I think the students still had a good time.”

Upon arriving, students helped themselves to free food, drinks, and beach towels emblazoned with the University’s mascot. Shortly after the film got underway, a food truck arrived outside and welcomed hungry patrons who had not already gotten their fill inside.

“Honestly, I’m just here for the free towel and food,” said Jennifer Fields, a criminal justice major, as she took her place in line. “Last year they had mini cheesecakes!”

Most students were excited to see “The Shallows,” but there were a few who were not enthralled with the idea of watching a stranded surfer girl face off against a great white shark for an hour and a half.

“Last year they screened ‘Jurassic World’,” said Shawn Boyle, a multimedia management major. “If it were another film like that, I’d be a little more excited. Right now, I’m mostly looking forward to seeing my friends.”

Overall, the event achieved its purpose. Despite the dismal weather outside and the change in location, students had a fun and relaxing evening snuggling up under their beach towels, munching on free chicken tenders, and watching Blake Lively kick a killer shark’s tailfin.

“The Shallows” will be available on DVD for all to enjoy later this month.

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