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Evening of Fun at Old Fashioned Carnival

According to Bret Hull, a former National Hockey League player, “Losing is essential to anyone’s success. The more you lose, the more you want to win.”

On Sept. 8, Saint Leo University’s Old Fashion Carnival was off to a booming start as students turned out in large numbers to support the event, sponsored by Dining Services.

There were several games at the carnival and each had its own set of rules and objectives.  Games included the fish bowl, duck pond, balloon darts, ring toss, baseball milk bottle, and basketball. If you were a lucky winner, there was an assortment of sophisticated prizes that would be yours. In addition to the games, there was also a surplus of food. Students could choose from tasty candy apples, pretzels, corndogs, and snow cones, which came in a variety of flavors. No student was there on an empty stomach!

Some competitive students were very determined to take a prize back to their dorm room. The basketball game station was packed with carnival goers as they tried their luck to score three shots. If a person succeeded, they would receive a big stuffed monkey, which seemed to be the grand prize everyone had their eyes on.

The fish bowl was another favorite for the evening. In order to win a goldfish, players had to throw at least one out of the three balls into the bowl. The lucky winners would receive the same fish bowl that the ball landed in, and fish food for their new pet.

Often, people tend to have little confidence in themselves not knowing their true potential. However, everyone has a strength within himself or herself that will ultimately help him or her achieve personal development. This idea was seen throughout the old fashioned carnival as students came out to win big and have fun. It is safe to say that this event was indeed successful!

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