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Saint Leo Singers Hit All the Right Notes


The sound of music filled the halls of the Saint Leo music building on Aug. 24. Auditions got underway for two music groups, the Saint Leo Singers and Saint Leo Rhythm Machine. The waiting area was filled with students hoping to impress Cynthia Selph and Mauricio Rodriguez.

Katriel Grant-Hope, a sociology major, shared what prompted her to audition.

“I have been interested in auditioning in previous years but never worked up the nerve for the audition,” Grant-Hope said. “This year I decided to go for it and I’m glad I did.”

The Saint Leo Singers are comprised of thirty people. Fifteen of them are new to the group, including Grant-Hope. The singers meet twice weekly on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

“Saint Leo Singers probably have the widest variety of repertoire, everything from movie music to pop music as well as sacred music looking ahead to the trip to Italy,” said Selph, assistant professor of music.

“This is a great year to be in Saint Leo Singers,” explains Selph. “We have a very exciting trip to Italy planned for Mar. 2017 and students will have an opportunity to visit a number of places and perform in a beautiful location. We will have a pre-departure concert to be performed in the Abbey here in Saint Leo before we go so that students and staff have a chance to get a preview of the performance.”

Grant-Hope is interested in taking the music minor, and that upcoming trip certainly helped make that decision final.

“I can’t wait to see what this year will bring,” she said.

The music program has a variety of different events planned for this academic year. The Saint Leo Singers will hold their first event, a concert entitled The Music of Mystery, in the Black Box theatre this Oct. The Singers will also be holding a Christmas concert towards the end of the semester.

There are also a number of other musical opportunities for students this year. Students can complete a minor in music or a minor in music ministry, as well as undertaking private vocal or instrumental lessons with experienced tutors. There is also the Saint Leo Chamber choir, a smaller and more selective group that provides an extra challenge for experienced singers.

Additionally, an excellent needs-based music scholarship is available for students completing a music minor. Students must complete an online application and an audition. Interested candidates can apply online between Sept. 1 – 31.

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