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How to Add Personality to Your Dorm

Living away from home can be tough; however, there are some simple things you can do to make your dorm more comfortable and vibrant so as to ease that feeling of homesickness. One intriguing advice that both freshman guys and gals give in decorating their dorms is that one should aim to make their room match their personality.

Freshman Breanna Koenig, Marketing major with a minor in Multimedia Management, states that she selected her theme for her dorm because she is a very outgoing person, and that she thought the colors matched her personality. The three words that she uses to describe her room is, “adventurous, unique and calm.” Her tip for her fellow peers is to utilize closet organizers so as to maximize on saving space.

Matthew Shand, an international freshman majoring in Elementary Education, uses the words “clean, sporty and organized” to describe his dorm, and has decorated it by mounting his country’s flag alongside old lacrosse team jerseys for which he played. He strongly advises other international students to have their flag mounted in order to represent their country as well as to have pictures from back home.

Destiny Kondrat, a freshman majoring in Biomedical and Health Sciences, describes her room as “fun, creative, and resembling to my room back home.” She has selected her room theme because she is simply in love with Paris and enjoys the franchises from which she has posters mounted on her wall. She also states that some of her furniture are family heirlooms, such as her beside lamp and mirror. Her suggestion to fellow freshmen: to invest in hangers and to buy space-saving furniture.

Some incentive for freshmen, and university students in general, to get into decorating their room is so as to participate in SLU Cribs; where, the winner will have the title of ‘best crib’. Sabrina Schroeder, Resident Life Graduate Assistant, encourages prospective participants to show their creative side, be original and just to decorate according to what best showcases their personality. Some Do’s and Don’ts to entering the contest are: Do make sure it’s appropriate, do use websites like Pinterest to gather organization tips, don’t post your room number or building and don’t break Residence Life policies. In order to enter the SLU Cribs competition take a picture of your dorm and post it to Instagram with the tag ‘@SLUreslife’. The picture with the most likes wins!


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