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Local’s Fresh and Natural Service

Located in the deep heart of our beloved and historic downtown San Antonio, Local Public House and Provisions has been attracting quite a buzz around the small town and its surrounding neighbors. It’s bread and butter is that everything they cook and serve has come from right here in Florida; everything is locally owned, operated, farmed, produced, and put on the plate. Everything the restaurant serves is naturally grown, and naturally fed. There is an array of things to choose, from the simple Burger, to fresh Chicken and Dumplings. It has an old-time feel to it, but with a grown and sophisticated side. It is pub but it is also a delicious place to eat.

The owners of the Local have experience in the industry. They were also owners of the critically acclaimed Pearl in the Grove located in Dade City, Florida. This restaurant took off and did not stop. One can only assume Local will do the same. Local goers all over the internet have had mostly good reviews to say about the restaurant. The environment, and food is always on the top of the list. The only downside it seemed was the price.

On the menu this day, the simple Chicken Sandwich was uttering its voice, calling to be ordered and eaten. It is served with a fresh Grilled chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, tomato, and a sunny-side up egg on a toasted sourdough bun. The chicken was unbelievably juicy and tender for being grilled. The egg was perfectly cooked with just enough yolk running down the bun, soaking the bite soon to take. The other ingredients, while simply put on for their delicious taste already, seemed to have a fresher feel to them. The mozzarella melted as soon as it hit the tongue.

The raving for this simple, yet somehow completely outdone chicken sandwich could go on forever. As for the price, it was $12.00. While to some this may seem overpriced, it is not for what they have to go through to get it on to the customer’s plate. They must pay for fresh ingredients, from locally owned farms, and stands; this is the biggest difference. The consumer is paying for what is being eaten. Not once will one ever leave Local feeling overstuffed, or gross. One will leave feeling satisfied and healthy. Even the unhealthiest thing on the menu, the pretzel bites, are natural. The cheese for dipping is melted cheddar, and the bread is locally made. As far as quality over quantity there is no better place within 100 square miles.

Perhaps the best part of Local Public House and Provisions is the environment itself. It’s built in a restored 100-year-old San Ann marketplace. There are bottles of wine for décor and wooden crates. The island bar is long and the outdoor patio is beautiful for live music nights. It is a beautiful scene inside with the lights up and the magnificent setup. As a whole, the restaurant is looking phenomenal, tasting delicious, and sending customer’s home happy. If one is looking for good, healthy food at a price that goes fluently with what is being eaten. It is worth the visit, not only for the food but to enjoy the friendly, and inviting environment.


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