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Chelsea Clinton Speaks to Saint Leo Student During National Press Call

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Chelsea Clinton makes no bones about her “unapologetic bias” toward her mother, Democratic nominee for president, Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday, Sept. 27, Chelsea Clinton held a press call with students from all around the country in honor of National Voter Registration Day. The goal was to discuss what’s at stake for students in the current election and the importance of getting registered to vote to ensure that young voices are heard during this historic time in the country.

Before she took questions from students, Clinton discussed the importance of not only registering to vote, but also getting out and actually voting in the election. The press call was held the day after the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, so she also discussed the “clear contrast” between her mother and the GOP nominee made evident by the sparring of the candidates during the first debate.

Clinton expressed her belief that everything is at stake in this election. She explained that whatever is important to college students, whether it be a debt free, affordable college plan, climate change, and/ or criminal justice reform, that it’s all at steak and that they must vote if they care about these issues. Clinton added that she believes that Donald Trump simply cannot understand the challenges that face the nation.

With the 2016 presidential race’s massive prevalence throughout the country, people, but especially young students, constantly hear of the importance of registering to vote, particularly now due to the election nearing closer each day. However, it’s no secret that so many young people are still apathetic towards the political process.

When asked what she believes is the best way to get young people, but especially college students, motivated and inspired to register to vote, Clinton remarked, “Voting is very personal.” She went on to again discuss voting based on the issues that you care about.

Clinton discussed her belief that Donald Trump has no plans or ideas on how to make college affordable and accessible for everyone and in contrast, how her mother has been fighting for the investment into an effective educational system for this country throughout her entire life.

She also asked the students on the press call to ask themselves if they have siblings in the public school system to remind them that her mother is not only fighting for a better higher educational system, but for all schools around the country.

Clinton advised that whatever you care about is not only at stake in this election, but in all elections around the country at every level, national and local. She stressed that if you care about your life, the lives of your family, and the values of this country, to get registered and to vote. Clinton stated that who citizens elect to office really matters. She warned that the outcome of the presidential election is going to determine how this country treats Americans.

Additionally, Clinton again stressed that there is a “stark contrast” between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s vision of this country.

Other students from around the country on the press call asked Clinton about the difference between Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s approaches to debt free college, frustration regarding the two party system and its polarization, and the use of renewable energy.

One of the primary goals of the Clinton campaign at this point in the general election season is getting voters registered, but particularly young people. The Clintons are running a “robust campaign program,” according to Chelsea Clinton, targeting college campuses with their biggest push currently being voter registration.

The campaign has been pressing for students to go to to either register to vote, check their status if they are unsure if they’re already registered or not, or to simply update their registration information if need be.

In the remaining weeks leading up to election day, former Secretary Clinton herself, her running mate Senator Tim Kaine, First Lady Michelle Obama, President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders, and other key Clinton surrogates will travel all around the country in an effort to encourage students and millennial voters to register to vote.

Chelsea Clinton is not only a former First Daughter and the product of two extremely well known figures in the political realm, but she is also the Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, a Board Member of the Clinton Health Access Initiative, an author, and a wife and a mother of two.

The deadline to register to vote in the state of Florida is Tuesday, Oct. 11. Once registered, if you’d like to vote early, you can do so between Oct. 29 and Nov. 5. Otherwise, the date of the election is Tuesday, Nov. 8. Additional information regarding voting in the state of Florida can be found on the website for the Florida Department of State, Division of Elections section.

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