Campus News

Customizable Phone Stands

With the help of a customized phone stand, students can have their smart phones readily available to help with research during homework.

On Oct. 5, the Campus Activity Board (CAB) invited students to come and help themselves to a free phone…stand. Tired of holding the phone when you’re checking out snaps, pins, tweets, or texts? Sick of having nowhere to prop your cell up when making those long skype calls with your beau? Well, on Tuesday, students flocked to the SCC boardrooms to get a customizable phone stand.

The ladies working the table had an abundance of different designs to choose from. From polka dots to feathers, from cheetah print to chevron, there were a plethora of different colors and designs to pick from. Each student could also personalize their stand with a nine character word or phrase.

Each stand was made from two interlocking pieces of plastic that can be detached and easily stowed away. This compact stand comes readily assembled but can disassemble with ease for the on the go student.  The phone stand is perfect for travel purposes or for even just “standing” there on your desk in your dorm room.

Joey Williams, a sophomore, said “I love it because I can have my phone up next to my computer screen while doing homework without stopping my work.”

CAB ensures that students enjoy monthly programs, events, and activities.The idea to offer students the option to make their own customizable phone stand didn’t fall short of meeting their expectation. CAB sponsored programs are a big part of the entertainment for the Saint Leo community, be sure to check the monthly activities calendar for other interesting opportunities!

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