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October Predictions in Gaming

With The Game Awards quickly approaching, AAA video game developers are going to be pushing out titles in the hopes of winning the coveted Game of the Year award. While November is typically the big month for video game sales, October releases might actually have a shot of beating out “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” sales. With the “Call of Duty” series going downhill, as proven by the public disapproval by fans, gamers are going to be expanding their horizons and will be wanting to try out new games. Here’s a list of some of the major October releases and what to expect from them.

In a nutshell, the “Mafia” series has always been the younger, but more mature, brother of “Grand Theft Auto.” The biggest difference between “Grand Theft Auto” and “Mafia” has been the way the game works. “GTA” offers a bit more in the open world mechanic, especially in the fifth game in the series. The story is great, but the online function of the game is what shined the most. In the first “Mafia” game, there was a free roam mode. In the second game, that feature was missed, and fans noticed that right off of the bat. Developers have promised more of an open world aspect to “Mafia III.”

The game is set in a city that is supposed to be the equivalent of New Orleans in the year 1968. Set in such a controversial time period, most game companies would shy away from things that would be labeled offensive. However, the Mafia series has always been about realism, and that includes a very prevalent themes of racism, which was common in the time period that this game is set in. “Mafia III” is definitely not for everyone.

Judging from the trailers and the gameplay demo, this game has a LOT of promise. “Mafia III” seems to be a truly massive open world experience. You can hop in a car and drive to one of several mission locations, which seems to stray away from the linear story mission concept that the second game had been using. As for the actual missions, they now give the freedom of choice, which is a popular route many developers have taken for open world games this year. You are given weapons and given an objective, and it is your choice as to how you go about it. This could be a huge plus for gamers who love freedom, but could take a while for newer gamers (or gamers who are used to the game holding your hand through missions) to get used to.

All in all, “Mafia III” looks like it will be a promising game, and there’s a lot of people hoping it might even bring more recognition to the franchise and live up to the hype that the developers have created.

It is widely accepted that split screen games are on the decline. Story driven single player games and competitive multiplayer games are dominating the industry right now, and most split screen co-op games were choked out years ago. However, “Gears of War 4,” releasing less than a week after “Mafia,” is setting out to prove that split screen isn’t dead. Not only is the campaign split-screen co-op, but Horde Mode 3.0 has been announced for the game.

Horde Mode pits players against waves of enemies and tasks them only to survive for 50 rounds. Horde 3.0 introduces a class-based system where your class determines the role you’ll take. For instance, engineers specialize in building turrets and the scout can see enemies through walls.

The campaign, which is also one of the franchise’s strong suits, looks to be full of character development. Judging from the announcement trailer, the game may even explore some backstories.

All in all, the game looks to be very well rounded. Many expect the story to be compelling, Horde 3.0 to be the strong suit once again, and the competitive multiplayer to extend the longevity of the game. It already has quite a bit of hype behind it, seeing as how “Gears of War” is arguably the biggest Xbox exclusive.

A week and a half later, we get perhaps the most hyped game of the entire year. The “Battlefield” series has always been a direct competitor to the “Call of Duty” series. Both have very polar strengths and weaknesses. For instance, “Call of Duty” has historically had a better single player story, with memorable characters and a dense plot, but lacks slightly in competitive multiplayer, as compared to “Battlefield.” “Battlefield” has aced more on the multiplayer aspect, but lacks in the single player story department.

“Battlefield” has always been about massive map sizes and a large variety of weapon and vehicle combat options to choose from. “Battlefield 1,” the game’s upcoming installment, looks to be no different. One would think that being set in World War I versus the previous games being set in World War II or modern day would restrict variety, but it really doesn’t. If the Beta was anything to judge, “Battlefield 1” looks to have much more variety than the other games.

Those who are familiar with the “Battlefield” games might be a little confused at first, as the class system has changed around a little bit. In the most recent “Battlefield” games, there have been 4 distinct classes. Assault was the medic class of the game. The class allowed players to heal and revive teammates. The Engineer class is able to repair vehicles just as much as it’s built to destroy them. Support class is built around light machine guns and the ability to provide teammates with much needed ammo and equipment refills. The recon class is the sniper class. Sniping in “Battlefield” has always been as realistic as possible, as compared to “Call of Duty’s” snipers. You actually have to account for distance and wind in “Battlefield.”

In the new “Battlefield,” the Assault class and the Medic class have split into two distinct classes, titled appropriately. The Engineer class has been taken out for the most part. The vehicle repair tool is no longer equipment that can be selected; it can only be obtained by spawning in a tank or aircraft, of which is a distinct class of its own different from the standard four classes. The anti-tank tools have been given to the Assault class. The Support and Recon classes have both relatively stayed the same in terms of equipment available and playstyle.

“Battlefield 1” looks like it will be a very popular game this year, if the amount of players during the Open Beta was anything to judge. As aforementioned, “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” doesn’t look like it will be very popular, even among dedicated fans. Perhaps those fans will move over to “Battlefield,” and it will reign as Game of the Year 2016. High hopes are riding on this installment.

Exactly a week after “Battlefield 1,” “Titanfall 2” will be released. Previously an Xbox exclusive, PlayStation players will now be getting to play this spectacular futuristic shooter with the sequel. However, if the Beta was anything to judge, the second installment of the series might not be so spectacular.

During the early phase of the Beta, the major complaint was that the game borrowed from “Call of Duty” way too much. Borrowing mechanics from other games is a trend that can be either a good thing or a bad thing in the industry. Its success or failure rests on its execution. For instance, the first

“Titanfall” inspired the makers of “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” to try the fast paced, futuristic combat that has become the normal for the series at this point. The second “Titanfall” seems to borrow several things from both “Black Ops 3” and “Advanced Warfare.” For instance, in the first “Titanfall” game, being able to call in a Titan was based on a timer. That way, everyone had a fair chance at being able to use one. In the sequel, you charge up your Titan meter by capturing objectives and killing players. This makes titans rarer and is a detriment when one team is in the lead and the entire team calls in a Titan almost at the same time. This makes it significantly harder for the other team to catch up.

Not much more has been seen about “Titanfall” as of yet, so it’s hard to say if this game is set to be great or a flop. The best bet is to hold onto your money and wait for reviews to pop up of the game before you decide to drop $60 on it.

There are definitely great games coming out this month that were left out of this article. Two honorable mentions would have to be the remasters of “Skyrim” and “Modern Warfare”, both of which have an October release slated. Keep an eye out, because on December 1, one game will come out on top and win the title of Game of the Year.

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