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Your Success is Their Business

From left to right Sarah Agudelo, Tracy Boltin, Jessica Baker, Janelle LeMeur, and Rose Quinn are your Student Success Coaches and they are ready to help whenever you need them.

In early 2016, Saint Leo welcomed some new additions to its family. On May 16, the University brought aboard student success coaches to the faculty and staff. According to Ana Di Donato, Associate Vice President for Student Success, the coaches are here to assist students during their journey at Saint Leo.

What are success coaches, and what do they do? The success coaches act as general helpers to students throughout their time at Saint Leo. Di Donato explains that the success coaches “help [students] navigate the process” through any and all concerns.

Unlike other positions and services at Saint Leo, success coaches offer a “one-stop shop,” according to Di Donato. While academic advising, career planning, first-year orientation, and multicultural and international services guide and assist students with specific and specialized help, the success coaches offer general guidance and direct students to whatever department may specialize in their concerns.

That is why success coaches stand out among other student services. “Each coach approaches a student’s experience at Saint Leo in its entirety,” said Di Donato.

Success coach Janelle LeMeur explains that her goal is to “help students in any way, and will walk them through and guide them to the appropriate resources.”

Tracy Boltin adds that their approach is “proactive, not reactive,” and that “no question is too big or too small.”

The coaches want to actively engage with students to ensure a positive experience at Saint Leo, and students may contact their success coaches with any issues or questions they may have. If the coaches cannot resolve issues themselves, they will send students to the proper department for further and specialized assistance.

Students are assigned coaches by their last names. Students whose last names begin with A-B are assigned to Janelle LeMeur, C-F to Rose Quinn, G-K to Tracy Boltin, L-O to Jessica Baker, P-Sl to Sara Agudelo, and Sm-Z to Jolene Macca.

Students can contact the Student Success Department by phone at (352) 588-8500 or by email at

While the coaches encourage students to contact by email or phone, students are free to stop by the coaches’ offices on the first floor of Kirk Hall as well. They will be welcomed into a friendly, helpful, and open atmosphere.

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