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Painting with a Twist

The traditional carving of the jack-o-lantern took on a whole new colorful twist. On Oct. 25 in SAB Green, First Year Experience hosted their second annual Pumpkin Painting event.

The host of the event, Senior Jesus Santana said, “It started out as an idea, painting instead of carving like what the dining hall does.”

The political science major mentioned that he was surprised at the much larger turnout (100+) than last year, saying it was due to the larger freshmen classes.

“It’s for students to be creative and participate in a fun interactive Halloween event,” said Alicia Hall, a sophomore and criminal justice major who was co-hosting with Santana.

The two-hour painting event started with 120 pumpkins and was on a grab and go basis.

The students’ art ranged from colorful patterns, creative Halloween themes, well-known cartoon characters, and surprisingly Renaissance sculptures.

Junior and Sports Business Major, Mary Redmond explained what drew her to the event, “I was done with classes for the day and saw the tents for the event, I wanted to do something fun and colorful.”

Jose Baez-Deleon said he was so eager to come to the event that he came too early and waited for it to start. His fun glow-in-the-dark pumpkin painting was inspired by “Monsters Inc.” character, Mike Wazowski and is perfect for Halloween use.

Senior, Jahiedy Vinas utilized her pumpkin as the perfect canvas; her painting was modeled after Michael Angelo’s “La Pietà.”

“I’ve never painted like this before and wanted to try my favorite image,” said English major, Vinas.

Pumpkin Painting was a success, leaving no blank pumpkins in sight. Students happily took a well-spent break from their studies to paint in honor of the Halloween festivities and the spirit of the holiday itself.

“Pumpkin Painting was only step one in terms of campus Halloween events,” stated Santana. “This was to hype up the much bigger event (and maybe even recycle leftover pumpkins) to the Haunted Marmion.”

Santana invites all students to Resident Life’s Haunted Marmion on Thursday, Oct. 27. First Year Experience will be co-hosting the Haunted Marmion; providing games, costumes, and hospitality while Resident Life is responsible for jump scaring.


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