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A Monster Bash

Each Halloween, Saint Leo finds new and inventive ways to scare up some fun. On Oct. 26 outside of the Dining Hall, crowds of students participated in many Halloween festivities such as games, a costume contest, pumpkin carving, and candy store shopping at the Monster Bash.

The two-hour event was hosted by Dining Services Manager, Robin Lavalle. She explained the workings of the annual event and it’s purpose.

“Dining Services puts on one big event a month, October’s holiday is Halloween, so there’s a free candy store, trick-or-treat costumes, and games. It’s for the students to have fun in a pleasant atmosphere, to make them happy,” said Lavalle.

Dining Hall employee, Diane Fussel, dressed in a Day of the Dead costume. “I wanted to represent Saint Leo staff members in the costume contest,” she explained.

Fussel brought her granddaughter, seven-year-old Jasmine Fussel, who was dressed up as her favorite “Monster High” character, Catty Noir.

“I want to get lots of candy!” Jasmine exclaimed before Diane continued, “It’s great that Saint Leo hosts these events that the staff and families are welcome to.”

Halloween themed music played through the speakers as students tried there luck at the games, which included: bobbing for apples, witch’s hat ring toss, and more.

Throughout the event, many students were carving intricate designs and faces into pumpkins laid out in the designated tent area. The students with the best designs won up to $25 in Lions’ Lair. One artisan, Thomas Daneault found inspiration in “The Nightmare before Christmas,” character, Jack Skellington and his exaggerated grin.

“I just went for it, I’ve never carved anything before but it only took me about 15-20 minutes,” Daneault commented.

The costume contest began during the middle of the event. Each participant would have to walk the stage and impress the judges with their costume representations to win from $25-$100 worth of Wal-Mart gift cards. The catwalk included irony in character, cartoon line and song entertainment, and authentic creativity that wowed the judges. The winners were announced per the judge’s highest ratings.

The first-place winner, Javion Teaheartt, a freshman and psychology major, took the creative approach.

“I wanted to do something different…I wanted to see how many cards it would take to make a full Uno card suit.” Teaheartt continued, “It took 5 hours to glue 350 Uno cards.”

Senior, Victoria Peacock and second place winner, said, “My inspiration was from the Scooby Doo movie where Kiss had superpowers. I wanted to do a Sailor Moon version of a Gene Simmons costume.”

The English major said she had been planning the costume since the summer and was excited the event would give her another reason outside of Halloween to wear the costume.

Kaitlyn McWilliams, a biomedical major and sophomore who came in at third place, shared her costume inspiration while in the middle of pumpkin carving.

“I plan to be a doctor when I graduate…the steampunk elements were used to portray a mad scientist,” she explained, while drinking blue liquid out of her beaker prop.

Like many of the attendees that night, McWilliams said she came to the bash for the activities as well as the ability to dress up in costumes while having fun with friends.

The event ended with students trick-or-treat bags filled to the brim with a variety of colorful and sugary candies, as well as with Halloween spirit.

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