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Halloween Takes Over at Lowry Park Zoo

The ghosts and goblins visited Lowry Park Zoo to appear in their new Halloween event, “Creatures of the Night” throughout the month of October. The park was decorated in a spooky-scary fashion, while still maintaining its well-known educational and animal oriented qualities it has during the day. The attraction was open every Friday and Saturday from Oct. 7-29.

“Creatures of the Night” was, like most of the zoo’s attractions, marketed towards children and their parents. Costumes were allowed, and all the scares were more mild in comparison to other Halloween attractions such as “Scream-a-Geddon” or “Halloween Horror Nights.” This event provided an appealing Halloween ambience for children to attend in the local area, while still being extremely affordable.

“Creatures of the Night” was also valuable for the adults or teenagers who are not thrilled by scares; the event had nothing to fear. The decorations can bring out the spooky spirit in anyone, and the animals were showcased for everyone who loves the zoo for what it is.

The zoo’s various areas were renamed to more eerie appropriate names, such as “Pumpkin Palooza” in the parks Australia area, or “Slither Swamp” in the zoo’s entrance plaza. Much like other attractions, the park had employees dressed in various Halloween costumes around the park waiting to jump out or take pictures with the children. Each actor was dressed in a costume according to the area’s theme. There was a plethora of characters, from werewolves to mummies to animated scarecrows.

Lowry Park Zoo had all the animals out and about for the patrons to appreciate, while adding a night time twist that was normally unseen with the zoos early closing hours. Many animals were sleepy and in bed, but some of the more nocturnal animals preformed a fantastic

show. For example, during the day, the bat enclosure isn’t the most exciting, but offers an amazing sight that can be only appreciated at nighttime.

Lowry Park Zoo’s “Creatures of the Night” offers a wonderful opportunity for both kids and parents to attend an event that perfectly embodies the Halloween spirit, as well as an opportunity to learn a bit about animals. The attraction offers lions, tigers, and bears, mixed with ghouls, goblins, and zombies.

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