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Pumpkins and Halloween on Campus


In the United States, pumpkins are commonly associated with fall holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Pumpkins are normally harvested in the month of October, and the act of carving or stuffing these pumpkins has also become a major Halloween tradition.

At Saint Leo, the men and women’s swim team gave students and faculty on campus the opportunity to celebrate Halloween in such a way. Their annual fundraising event Pumpkin Stuffers also provided them with an outlet to make money for their upcoming swim season.

The swim team has held this fundraiser for the past seven years in a row. According to Paul Mangen, the head coach of the women’s and men’s swim team, the event has been a huge hit in previous years.

There were two packages that were offered. One included a large plastic pumpkin filled with a variety of sweets and treats for $25, while the other was a similar pumpkin filled instead with an assortment of healthy snacks for $30.   Orders were placed online by visiting, and a personalized message could be left along with the order. Each student who had a pumpkin sent to them was notified with an email or a message in their Saint Leo mailbox, stating there was a surprise awaiting them at the campus’ pool.

When Joey Williams, a sophomore accounting major was asked about her knowledge of this event she stated that

“I heard my friends talking about it at lunch, and they had all received an email which was advertising it. I, however, did not receive this email but thought it was an excellent and unique way for the swim team to fundraise. My friends were considering getting pumpkins for each other to support the team.”

Similar thoughts were shared by Romario Williams, a freshman computer science major.

“My friend who was on the swim team was telling me about the fundraiser, and I am considering ordering one pumpkin, and sending it to myself. I enjoy Halloween because of all the candy, so I think this is a good way to treat myself. Besides, I have been really stressed lately, and I think I should really do this for myself” Williams said.

These stuffed gourds made the perfect seasonal treat for best friends, teachers, classmates, and even “that special someone.” Those who received an email should be sure to drop by the Marion Bowman pool to receive their special treat.

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