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Remaking Movie History

Remakes such as “Cinderella” try to make a new spin on the original film; however, it isn’t as beloved as the animated version.

“Ghostbusters,” “Jungle Book,” and “Pete’s Dragon” are all films that are both different and unique in their own way. However, they all have one thing in common: all three films have recently been remade. The trend of remaking movies has increased dramatically in the past decade and is still a phenomenon that plagues the silver screen. While many viewers would like to see live-action versions of their favorite animated movies, or a redone version of a classic horror films, the remake normally performs worse than the original film.

Why does this happen though? The simple answer is the nostalgia that keeps people remembering and trying to connect the remakes to the originals. Viewers can’t help but compare a remake of a movie to its original version and, more often than not, the original version is seen with more favor. This is most likely due to the viewers having more fond memories of seeing the films story for the first time and seeing the story once more but just in a style or way. While it’s great to see someone else’s take on the story, the first showing that the viewers sees will most likely be the one they remember the most.

So why go and see remakes then? While remakes normally don’t stand up to the original films they’re based on, the stories are sometimes changed and something new is added. These changes can add new characters or exposition that wasn’t explained well in the original film, giving the viewer a better understanding of the story. In addition, changing the visual style in a new way, such as filming the movie in live-action or re-creating a live-action movie through animation, is inviting to new and old viewers.

Why are remakes such a bad thing? When most people went to see films, they went to see stories that were full of originality and creativeness. While remakes may have the creativeness part down, the originality is lacking. Original films gave people new stories, whereas remakes just rehash the same stories with a little bit of tweaking to make it slightly different. Originality is a needed part to make a film noticeable and memorable, this is why remakes are so bad. The remade films aren’t very memorable or timeless as the original films.

Why are remakes becoming such a trend? The curiosity of individuals drives them back into remakes even though they might know that the outcome could be a bad flick. This curiosity normally creates a cycle where the consumer continually gives money to movie companies. It is a marketing scheme that has worked for decades and has made its way into the film industry.

Even now, new remakes have been planned for the future such as “The Lion King,” “Mulan,” and Stephen King’s “It.” With audiences still going to see these remakes, it looks like this trend is not going to end any time soon.

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