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How to Have a Real Fall Season in Florida

If you’re from up north or out in the Midwest, then you may not be used to the amalgamation of seasons that seems to occur in Florida. We should all know by now that there are four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and then fall. Not only that, but each is characterized by something different, with fall being one of the more distinct ones. The sunshine and hot climate of summer disappears, in comes the leaves changing color, and brisk cool winds fill the air. However, if you’re from Florida, you’d know that none of the above applies to the Sunshine State.

With the coming of fall, one would normally expect cozy sweaters and leaves changing to their rustic brown color. However, in Florida, fall is marked by more subtle occurrences such as less rain and a slight drop in temperature and humidity, due to its subtropical climate. The fall season usually starts in mid-October and is a chance to enjoy the respite from the usual blazing summer heat. It is a great time to go the beach and spend time outdoors. Women itch to wear their scarves and fall outfits and pumpkin flavored drinks, treats, and scents pop up everywhere.

Even though Florida is home to mostly evergreen trees such as palms and firs, there are some that do change slightly. However, the fall change occurs to a lesser extent and more sporadically than it does up north. Early to mid-November is the best time to see this change. The usual fall foliage on display in Florida includes hues of orange, yellow, red, and a hint of purple.

If you truly are into the fall landscape, look out for trees such as the Florida maple, sugarberry, persimmon, cypress, and flowering dogwood. The best places to view the fall foliage would be throughout Central and Northern Florida, especially around Saint Leo or along I-75 since this is the hillier region of Florida.

There are many great places throughout Central and Northern Florida to see fall foliage. Southern Florida picks up a little hint of color during autumn, but the color is far more muted there than in the northern half of the state. Even more fun ways to admire nature would be to go canoeing on one of the many lakes around the state or to go hiking.

A major benefit from living in Florida during fall is Halloween Horror Nights. You will not have to travel very far to attend this popular Halloween event at Universal Studios, as it’s located in Orlando. Go out and enjoy the horrifying displays and haunted houses as well as the rollercoasters and live shows.

If you really miss your northern fall, then go out an stock up on the latest plug-in scents, carve a couple pumpkins, stock up on the season’s hottest trends and colors, or simply learn to appreciate what a fall in Florida has to offer.

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