The Girls Who Roam the Net

With Saint Leo volleyball sitting atop the conference at a sweltering 8-2 record, which included the blowout of rival University of Tampa Spartans, the Lions deserve some recognition. While volleyball is a team effort and the whole team has been performing at an excellent level, there a few that have stood out among the crowd.… Continue reading The Girls Who Roam the Net

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Marvel Beating DC and FOX – The War Between The Superhero Producing Companies

With “Doctor Strange” releasing on Nov. 4, Marvel seems to be dominating in superhero films this year; much critical praise has been given both to this film and the most recent Marvel film, “Captain America: Civil War.” As a result, other production companies, such as Fox and DC, have been clamoring for the same successes.… Continue reading Marvel Beating DC and FOX – The War Between The Superhero Producing Companies

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Happy Holidays from Around the World!

Christmas is typically one of the most celebrated holidays within the United States, and one of the most popular holidays around the world, according to It is celebrated on the 25th of December each year, and it commemorates the birth of Jesus. Early Christians were not as festive, but did celebrate Epiphany on Jan.… Continue reading Happy Holidays from Around the World!

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Healthcare Around the World

Healthcare is the top issue Americans want Donald Trump to address during his first 100 days in the White House, according to a recent poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, reflecting apparent dissatisfaction over rising costs for prescription drugs and medical insurance. The current healthcare system “Obamacare” was passed in 2010, intended to increase health insurance quality… Continue reading Healthcare Around the World

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Is climate change a real inevitability or is it a hoax?

Climate change is defined as the change in global climate patterns in the last hundred years that is often blamed on the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide that come from the consumption of fossil fuels. Frequently, the climate change is referred to as “global warming.” Politicians across the world have been confronted with the… Continue reading Is climate change a real inevitability or is it a hoax?

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kiMore of the Same

"Yo-Kai Watch" is a media franchise that has spawned multiple videogames, an animated show, and multiple manga (Japanese graphic novels). The most recent game in the series, "Yo-Kai Watch 2," showed some promise as an intriguing alternative to games like "Pokemon." The game still focused on the collection of various monsters, and the use of… Continue reading kiMore of the Same

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“Nobody But Me” Review

Michael Buble released “Nobody But Me,” which was his ninth studio album and seventh major studio album. Buble said "I don't know that I've ever had this much fun working on an album… It was especially thrilling to collaborate with my band who understand that I want to sound better than I've ever sounded…” so… Continue reading “Nobody But Me” Review

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Pokemon Sun and Moon: A Tropical Adventure

With Pokemon celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, all eyes of the franchise's fans turned to the latest game in the franchise “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” Released by Game Freak and the Pokemon Company on November 18, “Pokemon Sun and Moon” takes place in the tropical Hawaiian based area called the Alola region. Bright blue… Continue reading Pokemon Sun and Moon: A Tropical Adventure