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Saint Leo’s Got Talent

On Tuesday, September 20, talent show auditions were held in the SAB 117 Conference Room.

This event is a Fall Family Weekend tradition to showcase student talent to parents. The auditions consisted of mixed talent varieties such as singing, dancing, instrument playing, and poetry.

Jaime Bider, the Campus Activities Board Arts and Speakers Assistant, was one of the judges. With her musical theater background, she knows how to spot talent. “We’re looking for a good performance talent-wise as well as personality to really capture the audience,” Jaime said. She also commented that her favorite part of judging is “getting to see everyday campus people with surprising hidden talents that you never would’ve guessed they had” and she gives them all “props for coming out to audition.”

The two-hour tryout drew in many student contestants from diverse backgrounds with a variety of talents. Surprisingly many of the students who tried out were not only underclassmen but self-taught in their talents.

International student, Adrion Melendez from Guatemala, a freshman and marketing management major sang and played acoustic guitar. Melendez is a self-taught YouTube inspired guitar player and plays by ear. “I go wherever my guitar takes me,” regarding his reason for auditioning.

Multitalented freshman and biomedical health science major, Gabrielle Stubbs auditioned twice. First by singing then performing a beautiful dance interpretation of James Bay’s “Let it Go.” Gabrielle stated that she has had some dance school experience and has only in the past two years found the courage to sing. She recommends, “if you have a talent, you should go out and show it off, your talent could touch someone.”

Sophomore Angela Lazzaro and Junior Yohana Fasida chose to showcase their talents together by performing their original song through singing and piano. Psychology major, Angela is a self-taught piano player of ten years and marketing major Yohana has been singing ever since he can remember. Their main reason for trying out is to “show what they’ve made.” They both encourage everyone to come to the talent show!

Come out and support your fellow classmates and students at the talent show. It will be held in the Boardrooms on Saturday, October 8 at 7:30 PM during Fall Family Weekend. Celebrity magician and comedian, Ben Seidman, will be hosting. Everyone is invited and encouraged to come out and see that Saint Leo’s students have got talent!

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