Saint Leo Disc Golf Team Competing

Disc golf’s appeal has expanded over the years since people began playing with a flying disc in Canada, with at least 40 countries playing this sport. Source: @InnovaDiscs

Many people may assume that disc golf is something that is done just for fun and it is. However, it is also a great sport that is played here on campus.

In fact, Saint Leo has a team that travels all over to compete. The team started this journey in spring of 2015 and the team was officially formed in fall of 2015; the team did not start competing until this school year.

Their first tournament was on Oct. 22 and 23 in Appling, Ga at the Disc Golf center. This tournament was a qualifier for the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships in Apr. The team finished in the top 8 overall. This was out of 26 teams, 13 of which were the top teams of their respective schools.

The Saint Leo team has played on courses around the country. The members joined because they enjoyed the sports competitiveness a lot and because it was free and they get to travel.

“I didn’t choose disc golf; disc golf chose me,” said Zachary Smith, a junior and Saint Leo team captain. “Being outdoors [is why I play].”

Disc golf is a game that involves metal baskets sticking out of the ground and a discus is shaped similarly to a light weight Frisbees. Therefore, the Frisbees the team uses are not the ones people play with for fun with their friends and dogs. The game consist of nine disc pole baskets; then, the rules from there are like regular golf; however, instead of swinging a golf club the player throws a disc.

The first goal of the team, according to Smith, was to get a full course on campus so that the team could practice on a full course and they have achieved this. This sport involves a lot of hand eye coordination. It might look easy but it is not. In fact, these athletes put in many hours of practice to compete at the level that they do like any other team on campus.

The next tournament the team will be playing in is one that they are hosting, and it will be held Dec. 10 and 11 in Brooksville at an old golf course that is now out of business called The Quarry or also known as Tom Varn Park. This competition is also a qualifier for National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships in Apr.

The team is very excited about their next competition, and they hope the Saint Leo community will come out and cheer them on.

“Can’t wait to play against other college teams at one of my favorite courses,” Smith said about the upcoming tournament.

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