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President Trump: Top Five Changes

President Donald Trump, sworn on Jan. 20 as America’s 45th President, has already made some big changes to some controversial issues in his first week in office. Often regarded as his more popular stance, Trump during his campaign trail often spoke very negatively of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which was meant to be a… Continue reading President Trump: Top Five Changes


Track Team Prepares for Spring Season

The Saint Leo University’s Track team prepared to start off their Spring season on Feb. 18 in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Fla. The Track program is an official part of the Saint Leo athletics department since 2014, which makes them the youngest program on campus. Even though the program is the newest addition… Continue reading Track Team Prepares for Spring Season

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Top Ten Indie Games

In the past decade, indie games—independent games created by small companies which normally have no financial support from a publisher—have risen in popularity. Unlike highly known gaming companies, these small company teams must be both innovative and creative to sell their game. When they get everything right, indie games can prove to be more memorable… Continue reading Top Ten Indie Games

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Fraud May be Lurking Around the Corner

In light of the most recent Wells Fargo scandal, the subject of fraud surfaces. For those who may not know, the Wells Fargo scandal involves the employees creating about 2 million fraudulent accounts. As a result, Wells Fargo has to reportedly pay a fine of $185 million dollars. This scandal is a major banking fraud;… Continue reading Fraud May be Lurking Around the Corner

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Finland Reform Education System

Finland is about to reform their education system drastically. Finland has been one of the leading countries for a successful education system that has been leading international league tables for literacy and numeracy. In tests for the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), Finland has been in the top three rankings with only Singapore and… Continue reading Finland Reform Education System

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Drones – From Warzone to Emergency Help

On Oct. 6, Verizon announced that the company began testing drones as a mobile service delivery system that would serve as a secondary way of connection during emergency situations. Projects that involve the use of drones have already been launched in the past by other companies. These companies demonstrated that drones which were initially invented… Continue reading Drones – From Warzone to Emergency Help

Campus News

The Struggles of Going Back to School

Going back to school after a long winter break is a challenge for most students. After reaching out to the students of Saint Leo, it seemed like several struggled with the same issues when returning to campus. It is always hard to get back into the swing of a normal college routine after being on… Continue reading The Struggles of Going Back to School


Should Social Media Influence Your Future Job?

Social media has become a major aspect of our everyday lives. We portray just about every detail of our personal lives on a variety of platforms. However, should we be judged on what we put out there for future employers to see, or should it just stay in our personal lives? A future employer’s biggest… Continue reading Should Social Media Influence Your Future Job?