Campus News

Taking Worldwide by Storm

Dr. Melanie Storms wants students on campus to know that Saint Leo University has over 10,000 students that aren’t a part of everyday campus life. These students attend Saint Leo through the WorldWide program.
Storms is a brand new vice president at Saint Leo as well as the vice president of WorldWide. She and her staff are a dedicated team that oversee and administrate over the WorldWide program.
“Think of WorldWide as everything that’s not on campus,” Storms said. “Think of campus as one part of Saint Leo, and WorldWide is everything that isn’t on campus.”
Her job is to give operational oversight to all of the locations that the thousands of off-campus students attend. Just like Storms, WorldWide is new this year.
“The reason for bringing this all together is so that the WorldWide student has the opportunity to be very flexible and move between any of our learning formats,” Storms said.
Storms earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida and went on to earn her master’s and doctoral degrees in psychology at Walden University. She’s been in higher education for 18 years, and she has been in administration for 15 of those years.
She ran and administrated a college of health sciences and a college of social and behavioral sciences at Walden University, an online university. She has always worked with adult learners and the non-traditional student, so she believes that makes her a perfect fit for her position. She values community and excellence in everything.
“If you keep those two things central to everything you do, the rest all falls into line,” Storms said.
Storms has two children, and she enjoys taking care of them outside of work, as well as watching sports and writing. She hopes to bring a consistent experience to students off campus from center to center, so that students can experience Saint Leo in the same way, no matter where they go. Her job isn’t going to be easy, but Storms is more than prepared to overcome any obstacle and unite Saint Leo WorldWide.

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