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Washington and Davis Amaze in “Fences”

Viola Davis wins the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in the new screenplay movie “Fences.” She plays Rosa Maxson, a strong woman who loyally stands beside her husband, Troy Maxson (played by Denzel Washington) through sixteen years of marriage, two kids, and a tough, humble life. When a shocking truth shatters her world, audiences realize that strength and courage fill even the deepest cracks of Rosa Maxson’s character.

Denzel is absolutely captivating in his role as the larger than life Troy Maxson. As Rosa puts it, her husband simply has a way of filling their family’s whole house with his spirit, love, and energy. There is no doubt that Denzel is charismatic. His family and best friends relish his fast jokes, quick baseball analogies, and vivid stories of his glorious golden days as an all-star baseball player in the Negro Leagues. Troy is hardworking, a responsible father, tough but fair kind of guy; however, audiences will have a hard time completely agreeing with him. Troy is too hard on his sons Lyons and Cory, especially Cory, his youngest son who still lives at home with him. Watching Troy pound Cory down with old fashioned tough love and tough discipline will make today’s audience question the methods of the older generation. For better or for worse, Troy Maxson’s big personality has an incredible imprint on all the lives he touches, from his beloved wife and two kids to his best friend, Jim Bono (Stephen McKinley Henderson).

Make some time to go see “Fences” and be automatically sucked into 1950s America, a time and place sweltered by racism and prejudices, but also a pivotal time which saw a country steadily on its way toward equality. Witness the dichotomy between Troy and Cory’s generation as they butt heads over the rapid changes of a world becoming equal. Cory, a big dreamer, is sure his father won’t be able to stand in his way of his football career after receiving a college offer and possible scholarship to play ball for the school. But his dad Troy crushes his dreams by refusing to let him go because he won’t understand that blacks were beginning to play football on white college teams. Strong headed Cory is older now and no longer blindly accepts his dad’s stubborn judgements. Mustering more courage every time his father puts him down, Cory and Troy clash for several scenes before their feud finally apexes in a dramatic turn of events.

Rosa Maxson is virtually the perfect bride for Troy Maxson, and he undoubtedly loves and has loved her for as long as they both can remember. But even the most noblest of men have their secrets and Troy can no longer hold onto his. Viola and Denzel play a perfect duet as they capture the raw emotional strains of the terrible truth behind their relationship.

The beautifully portrayed screenplay in “Fences” will make viewers laugh, cry, and hold their breaths in suspense during this roller coaster experience of emotion. Experience the film both starring and directed by the famous Denzel Washington and see why Troy Maxson is the centerpiece of all relationships behind the fences in a little old house in Pittsburgh.

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