Campus News

Good Luck on Friday the 13th

Friday the 13 has always been synonymous with components of Bad Luck. However, good luck rained down on Jan. 13 when CAB put on their monthly novelty activity on the SAB green. Students had the opportunity to participate in several fun activities, which included Sumo Wrestling in Body Suits, the meltdown mini obstacle course, and a bouncing square.

The event was held between 1:00 and 5:00 and was well received by students. In between classes persons signed up and were able to have a good time.

Nicholas Fox, second-semester freshman, stated, “This is an awesome distraction to an already fast-paced semester!”

Only four days in and this semester has already been tense for Fox, who is taking more of his core courses in Biology. In need of a good stress buster, he added, “This moment provides the best stress relief so far!”

The event was briefly interrupted by rain, but it would not break the atmosphere of fun that had already been created. Some students continued to enjoy themselves as the showers came, which dissipated after a few short minutes.

Keva Lockhart, a second-semester freshman, also had quite a lot to say about the event.

“I think the event was a great way to start the semester! Its something that allows you to unwind from the stress of early homework and helped me relax for a few minutes. In the future, I would engage in activities like this because it is an excellent stress reliever and helps me to remember that university life should not only be about work, but it should be a time of fun and creating lasting memories.”

The representatives of CAB were instrumental in providing an excellent time. They greeted all interested participants with a smile and, in return, gained the ultimate satisfaction of giving their classmates a much-needed introduction to the new school semester.

Nicholas and Keva’s statements and experiences were that of the collective of most attendees, who used this opportunity to reconnect with old friends and create new ones.

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