Campus News

Saint Leo Comes Together

Saint Leo University goes out of its way to provide the core value of community to each student. One of the ways students can find a community is through a club or organization. Each semester Saint Leo holds an involvement fair where students can browse through different display tables from all of clubs and organizations on campus. This semester’s involvement fair happened on the particularly sunny day of Friday, Jan 20.

The display tables were drastically different, including Greek life, honor societies, interest groups and student government. Each table was created with its own unique touch; some included free candy and giveaways while others featured extravagant decorations.

While this event was an opportunity for students to gain interest in different clubs and organizations, it was also an opportunity for the clubs and organizations to support each other. This event particularly brought together Greek organizations. With spring recruitment just around the corner, these organizations promoted the event together.

One of the display tables was manned by Caroline Fraser, Sports Business ’17. Fraser is an intern for Saint Leo University Recreation and was at the involvement fair to promote a healthy lifestyle for students. She informed students about the “intramurals, open fields, open gym, open swim and the fitness center hours,” available to the students.

Another table, provided by St. Jude Field Day, aimed to promote an event that raises money for cancer research at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Students participating in St. Jude Field day will play different field day activities to raise money for the charity.

Anthony Marchitto, Healthcare Management ’20, explained that at the event, “we do prizes for people that were the best at the competitions and more importantly for who fundraised the most. Really, it’s just a matter to help St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital find the cure for cancer and help these kids have an awesome life.”

The fair was an important day for various clubs and organizations to advertise and for students to get out and find somewhere to pursue their interests. It was one of the year’s events that brought the campus together.

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