Campus News

The Struggles of Going Back to School

Going back to school after a long winter break is a challenge for most students. After reaching out to the students of Saint Leo, it seemed like several struggled with the same issues when returning to campus.

It is always hard to get back into the swing of a normal college routine after being on break for practically a month.

Cydney Barber, sophomore and multimedia management major, said she “[Struggles with] waking up for class after being able to sleep in.”

Most students on campus are taking up to 6 classes; it can be very difficult to stay focused and in that scholarly mindset after their brain was on vacation as well.

Family is very important to the Saint Leo community. Leaving family members and pets behind when returning to campus can be a big struggle, especially for foreign students who maybe only get to go home and see their families once or twice a year. Even for those who live nearby, not being able to have their mom do their laundry and stock the fridge with their favorite snacks can be pretty depressing.

Athena Childers, sophomore and criminalistics major, said, “The hardest thing is leaving my mom. She’s like my best friend. I’m her only child and my dad is deployed to Afghanistan. It’s hard to leave her all by herself.”

As much as students love the food here, home-cooked meals are definitely something to be missed after a long break.

Sabrina Diaz, junior and Criminal Justice major with a focus in homeland security, said she struggles with, “Going back to college food after getting home cooked meals.”

Almost all students can agree that nothing is better than a warm, home-cooked meal, especially surrounded by their family members. It’s also hard for a lot of students to have to come back to campus and live and share a space with others when they might have been used to having a big room and bed to themselves.

College is all about experiencing new things and growing as a person. So even though it may be somewhat difficult coming back to campus after that long break, students know it’s all worth it in the end because they are surrounded by great faculty, staff, and friends that make the experience worth while.

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