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Dress to Impress

“Ladies, if you cannot walk in them, do not wear them,’” said Judy Holcomb, department chair of sports business and IHT.

On Feb. 1, the Accounting Club hosted an informational event on how to “dress for success.” It was successfully put together by Passard Dean, faculty advisor of the accounting club, and his executive board.

Dean, professor of accounting and finance at the University Campus, with the help of a PowerPoint presentation, gave professional recommendations on how to properly dress for an interview, daily work, or promotion.  

“Fit clothes to your body type. God gave it to you for a reason,” said Dean.

Upon entry into the room, each student was given a ticket with pre-printed numbers, the other half of the ticket stub was put into a bag. A member of the eboard, at random, selected a member of the audience to draw from the bag of ticket stubs. Prizes varied from Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards to pens, pencils, staplers, mini calculators, and highlighters.  

Dressing for interviews is one of the most stressful things any college student may endure; however, Dean provided some helpful tips to not be stressed about professional attire:

  1. Wear conservative suits: one is more likely to impress by overdressing.
  2. Wear clothing that fits: suits should be tailored, skirts should be knee-length and not too tight; clothing that is too loose may look borrowed.
  3. Take loose clothes to a tailor or seamstress.
  4. Women: bust line must be fitted properly so that is not revealing/tight. Also, be careful of long nails and wear low/ moderate high heels; no open-toed shoes.
  5. Men: choose ties carefully; allow solid color and patterns. Wear dress shoes; wing tips or oxford style preferred.
  6. When shopping, ask the assistance of sales clerk – they have the experience to help.
  7. Wear clean, pressed clothes.
  8. Invest in good grooming.
  9. Cover tattoos and body piercings.
  10. Keep your hair its natural color; highlights or streaks should not be ostentatious.

When applying for a job and attending an interview, one should be dressed appropriately. Companies want people who will represent them well, and what is said about a company can be reflected by how their employees dress – employers want those who are dressed for success.

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