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Top 5 Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day

By: Erica Winn

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, bring on the dates, restaurants, flowers, and chocolates, right? Pretty typical, wouldn’t one say? How about skipping one of the busiest nights out around town and just staying home this Valentine’s Day with a significant other watching movies? Here are the top five romantic movies for couples to watch: 

A Walk to Remember (2002): Get the tissues out for this movie, folks! Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, this movie is exactly what its title implies. Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore) is an avid Christian; although, she declares her own relationship with God. Landon Carter (Shane West) is the ‘bad boy’ who has no direction in his life. He has no idea that the girl that wears the same sweater every single day will change his life forever. After both landing lead roles in the school play, things start to change as the audience sees Landon mature as a person all because of Jamie. This movie will have one hooked, no doubt about it. Moore and West prove that true love does exist (even if it’s just on screen. It’ll make one believe).

The Notebook (2004): Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, this story follows Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun and how they fall in love swiftly. The two start off as just a summer fling, but eventually it turns into a long romance. Noah is a country boy but Allie, who is upper class, falls helplessly in love with him anyways. After the disapproval of Allie’s parents, she moves away, and after years have passed, there is another man in her life. What happens when Allie and Noah reunite for the first time in seven years? Will the old feelings stir up or is it too late? Former real-life couple Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling star in this romantic drama as they bring their romance to life on screen.

The Lucky One (2012): Any movie with Zac Efron is a must see. Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, the Lucky One stars Efron as Logan Thibault, who is a Marine that eventually finds a picture of a smiling, vibrant young woman during the war and he was convinced that the picture had brought him good luck. He then travels to Louisiana after previously serving in Iraq. He is determined to find the woman in the picture and thank her for saving his life. Will he get the girl or will things turn completely upside down?

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003): This blockbuster romantic comedy stars Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. She’s writing an article on how to ditch a guy, and he’s betting he’ll make her fall in love…all in the span of ten days. Benjamin Barry (McConaughey) is an advertising executive and is a total ladies’ man. His co-workers pick out the stunning Andie Anderson (Hudson) as his next target. The bet is to try to make her fall in love with him in just ten days. However, he is betting on the wrong girl. He has no idea that Andie covers the “How To” for Composure magazine and is given the assignment to create an article on “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.” Two couples, two hidden agendas. If one is looking for a good laugh with a special person, then this is the movie for them!

The Vow (2012): Based on a true story about a woman who lost her memory from a tragic car accident, Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams completely shine in this romantic drama. Paige (McAdams) and her husband, Leo (Tatum) are the happiest they have ever been. On their way home from the movie theater one night, they get into a terrible car accident, which causes severe memory loss for Paige. She remembers her early life but, doesn’t remember anything about her husband, Leo. Since he is still in love with her, he vows to help her remember their love for each other and will not give up on her.  

So there it is! The top five romantic movies for couples to watch this Valentine’s Day. Any of these movies will keep one interested and engaged. Wishing everyone the best and happiness this Valentine’s day!

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