Campus News

Words from the Student Government Union, President of Activities Candidate: Morgan Wagner

Credit: Waken Leonard

Morgan Wagner, Freshman International Hospitality Management major, sat with the Lion’s Pride Newspaper  and talked about his Candidacy in the Student Government Election.

What experience do you have which makes you qualified for the position you’re running for and a better choice than your opponent(s)?

Becoming a Student Ambassador has helped me so much in improving my communication skills, which has transformed me into a tremendous people person. In being a Student Ambassador, I must communicate effectively with individuals on tours to make sure they are receiving all necessary information. Also, I learned to be a more effective listener by acknowledging the needs/wants of families on the tours. I have challenged myself to give all the information needed to satisfy each family. Through my involvement with First Year Experience, I have gained planning and coordinating skills that have allowed me to grow as a leader. Also, it has allowed me to increase my knowledge of working in a team.

Why do you want this position and what/who inspired or motivated you to run?

Joseph Thompson III motivated and inspired me to run for Vice President of Activities. He shared with me not only how much fun he had doing it, but what a great opportunity it is to be running an important board on campus. After shadowing him, I made up my mind that this is for me.

What do you hope to accomplish and how do you plan to accomplish these goals in your position?

As Vice President of Activities, I hope to create a motivated, passionate Campus Activities Board that will get the job done. I would also like to instill good listening skills in my daily life as well as the Campus Activities Board members, so that we can realize the expectations of students in a fun and creative way.

What would your first action in office be, if you are elected?

My first action in office would be to start working on a huge, campus-wide event, possibly a concert.

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