Campus News

Words from the Student Government Union, Vice President of Activities Candidate: Antonina Spinella

Credit: Waken Leonard

Antonina Spinella, Sophomore Cybersecurity major, sat with the Lion’s Pride Newspaper  and talked about his Candidancy in the Student Government Election.

What experience do you have which makes you qualified for the position you’re running for and a better choice than your opponent(s)?

Well, I have CAB committee experience. Also, I have been to a lot of the CAB-hosted events and see what they do and how they do it. I would say already knowing what CAB is and how it functions as a whole.

Why do you want this position and what/who inspired or motivated you to run?

I want this position to help get more people involved on campus and to give the student community a voice. Joseph Thompson III inspired me to run.

What do you hope to accomplish and how do you plan to accomplish these goals in your position?

I hope to accomplish a fun year of activities that the student community is excited to go to. I plan to accomplish these goals in the position by getting student feedback and by taking polls of activities.

What would your first action in office be, if you are elected?

To see what activities students would like to do in the upcoming year.

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