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Words from the Student Government Union Vice President of Operations Candidate: Mikael Coleman

mikael-coleman-vp-of-operationsMikael Coleman, Junior Multimedia Management major, sat with the Lion’s Pride Newspaper  and talked about his Candidancy in  the Student Government Election.

What experience do you have which makes you qualified for the position you’re running for and a better choice than your opponent(s)?

What makes me qualified for the position is that I have been a part of the SGU Senate for the past two years and working with various committees for a safer and happier student body. Also, after speaking with the current and past VPO’s, I have gained a better understanding of the inner works of the University and as a leader, I feel as though I would be a great asset to the University.

Why do you want this position and what/who inspired or motivated you to run?

I would like the position because as a leader already of the student body of the University Campus here at Saint Leo, I can improve the leadership skills that past presidents before me have established and develop leaders who are not able to envision themselves with greatness and to their true potential. Also, bring leadership speakers and host workshops that students can relate to. Many people on the e-board of SGU as well as faculty have inspired me to run for this position.

What do you hope to accomplish and how do you plan to accomplish these goals in your position?

I plan to develop leaders, create workshops that students can relate to, and leadership speakers who are interactive, reliable, and easy going.

What would your first action in office be, if you are elected?

My first action would be to ask the student body what workshops they would like. Also, how we could improve the campus in a positive way by taking a survey.

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