Campus News

Painting Sunsets

Throughout the country, couples celebrate their romantic love on Valentine’s Day. Saint Leo University’s Student Government Union extended this celebration with Leo Love Week. Every day of the week featured different activities and events held by The Campus Activities Board and The Student Government Union. The first activity, CAB Painting Night, was hosted on Feb. 13 in the Fine Arts Building.

At CAB Painting Night, students each painted their own canvas under the guidance of a hired professional. Each participating student was provided with a paintbrush, paint, a blank canvas, and a plastic smock to wear. Because of the limited supplies, students had to reserve their seat on the saintleotickets website prior to the event.

CAB hired teacher Tamika Brown, a contractor from North Carolina, to work the event. Brown taught students how to paint an African lion sunset using a gradient effect. The sunset was created using red, orange and yellow stripes layered and blended together.

“Don’t to worry what it looks like, your painting is not going to look like mine,” Brown warned and encouraged participants just to have fun. The steps for painting the picture were simple to that each student could follow along and duplicate Brown’s work.

Students laughed and talked while painting and many stayed after the end of class to finish their work and to help Brown clean up. Many, including Molley Hammond, a global studies major, hope that the class will be a recurring event.

“I had a ton of fun and a unique experience,” Hammond said. “I hope Saint Leo does something similar soon!”

The class was a success, giving students a fun and educational opportunity to make art. Creating beauty was a perfect way to kick off Leo Love Week. Those spectacular paintings might even make great gifts for that special someone.

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