Campus News

Stuffed Animals and Lattes

No matter how old students grow, they still love their stuffed animals. Each semester the Campus Activities Board provides students with an opportunity to make their own stuffed animal with an event called CAB Stuff a Plush. At CAB Stuff a Plush, each participant gets to choose from a selection of plush animals and stuff the animal themselves. This semester CAB put on this event during Leo Love Week to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

At 1:00 p.m. on Feb. 15 CAB Stuff a Plush was to be held outdoors at the entrance to the SCC Loggia, but due to the wind, the event was relocated to the SCC Boardrooms. Half an hour before the event, a queue of students formed outside of the boardrooms and circled the SCC Loggia.

The group of waiting students was ecstatic about participating in the activity. According to Hope Swaim, Special Events Chair of CAB, the event was expected to bring “around 200 to 300 students.” Because of the large crowd that the event drew, the stuffed animals ran out very quickly.

Every semester the Campus Activities Board tries to better their events. This semester to further improve Stuff a Plush the board provided about twenty different varieties of animals for stuffing. The available animals included frogs, koalas, tigers, and even rainbow patterned bears.

To compliment CAB Stuff a Plush, the Student Government Union organized a table outside of the SCC Boardrooms called “I Love You a Latte.” At the booth, students and faculty could enjoy free coffee (with real creamer).

Morgan Baum, Assistant Director of Student Activities, explained that the event “Is a nice way to provide something free to the students… and to help keep them studying and focused throughout the day!”

CAB Stuff a Plush was a great opportunity for students to have fun between classes. Whether not the stuffed animal was kept for oneself or given as a gift, it made for a quality handmade toy to snuggle.

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