Softball Seniors Last Season

Softball season has officially begun at Saint Leo University. The SLU softball team have had many exciting victories and have made appearances at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) seven times.

Being a part of a sports team comes with many wonderful experiences, one of them being that the team members become close and develop philia love for one another. Five seniors graduating Spring of 2017 are the perfect example of what a team’s dynamic should look like. Michelle George, Rachel Heath, Danielle Bottley, and Stephanie Adkins expressed their bittersweet feelings about moving on from Saint Leo’s softball team, and moving forward with their careers. Their personalities bounce off one another’s, creating a close-knit environment between them. The four also mentioned how they were saddened that Samantha Ohmie, the fifth softball senior, was absent the day of the interview.

George, biology major, has been playing softball at Saint Leo University for four years. Heath, elementary education major, has also dedicated the last four years to the Saint Leo University’s softball team.

George and Heath have played since they were young, “I’ve played since I was five, making it… seventeen years,” said George.

George and Heath’s favorite part about playing for Saint Leo University has been the coaching change, referring to Erin Kinberger, who is on her second season coaching the Saint Leo softball team.

“I also like how much the team has grown, because of the new changes,” Heath said.

George and Heath also mentioned that their best memory was making it to regionals together.

Due to George’s long-term relationship with softball, she would very much like to continue, “I would love to [continue playing softball], but I would rather go into coaching,” she admits.

Heath also agreed she would love to go into coaching as well, “But only if an opportunity came long.”

Bottley, psychology major, has been a member of the Saint Leo softball team for two years.

Bottley, along with her team member George, has been playing since she was young, “I have played since I was seven years old,” Bottley said.

Post-graduation, Bottley said she would love to continue with softball. “Sure, I would love to continue, if the right opportunity came up.”

Adkins, health care management major, has played the same amount of time as her fellow team member, Danielle Bottley. The pair joined the softball team two years ago, and have developed a special bond, noticeable to the people around them. Adkins and Bottley share the same favorite part about playing for the campus’ softball team, which has been the relationships made, “The family dynamic, and cultural aspects are my favorite part of being on the team.”

“Going to the Berry Series last year was amazing too,” Adkins said. Adkins, however, is more focused on her future career in healthcare than her future in softball, “Maybe, I would continue to play, but I’m more focused on my career right now.”

The last comment added from the four seniors was, “Go Lions, baby.”

The University will sincerely miss Bottley, George, Heath, Ohmie and Adkin’s love and dedication to softball. There is no doubt that the five will miss playing for the university. The Lions’ Pride hopes that the quintet will have a successful last season, and successful life to come. Special thank you to Brad Bee, director of athletic communications, for taking his time to set up the interview.

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