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A Beautiful Re-imagination

A tale as old as time, the “Beauty and the Beast” remake of 2017 is a beautiful live action film that brings elements from the original animation to the table while incorporating its own spin. Not only as a remake of a Disney classic, but with major actress Emma Watson as Belle, and actor Dan… Continue reading A Beautiful Re-imagination


Police Brutality – The Problem

As portrayed in the media, gun violence in America is largely attributed to race and connected with police officers. According to data compiled by The Washington Post, approximately 957 people were shot and killed by police officers in the United States in the last year. Although that number of deaths decreased by 36 from 2015,… Continue reading Police Brutality – The Problem

National News

U.S. Consumer Confidence on the Rise

U.S. consumer confidence is at an all-time high in 15 years. Surveys from The Conference Board show that the consumer confidence measured in Feb. of 2017 rose up to 114.8, which marks the highest it has been since Jul. of 2001. A strong labor market increases the financial security of consumers, which leads to more… Continue reading U.S. Consumer Confidence on the Rise


Women’s Rights in America Compared to Other Countries

The Lions’ Pride is running this article in honor of Mar. being Women’s History Month. The United States is known for its ideals and foundations of freedom and equality that strive to protect its citizens’ basic human rights. However, an article posted by CNN states that the U.S. surprisingly falls behind other countries regarding women’s… Continue reading Women’s Rights in America Compared to Other Countries


Saint Leo Golf Teams Prepare for Championship Season

With one month to go to the Sunshine State Conference Tournament (SSC) the Men’s and Women’s Golf teams are playing their final tournaments to get ready for the Championship season. Both teams had tremendous successes in the previous year with the Women’s team being fourth and the Men’s team winning the first national championship in… Continue reading Saint Leo Golf Teams Prepare for Championship Season

Campus News

The Transition – From Centers to Campus

There are many professors here at Saint Leo University, and there are countless others that teach at the Saint Leo Centers, but there are few teachers that have done both. One of the professors who does such a thing is Assistant Professor Robert Sullivan, a professor who teaches Criminal Justice with a focus in Homeland… Continue reading The Transition – From Centers to Campus

Campus News

Dance for Empowerment

Each spring, many of the Greek organizations on campus hold an annual formal dance. These formals are private events where fraternity or sorority members and their dates have a chance to dress up and dance. This year, the sorority Lambda Pi Chi took part in this tradition while adding their own twist. Lambda Pi Chi… Continue reading Dance for Empowerment