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Campus Activities Board Spreading the Love on Campus!

On Thursday, Feb. 16, Saint Leo University’s Campus Activities Board held “CAB of Love,” which was a part of Leo Love Week. This event gave Saint Leo students and members of staff an opportunity to express what Saint Leo meant to them, as well as some of the reasons why they love their school community. Current Vice President of Activities, Joseph Thompson III rode around the entire campus in a golf cart to conduct and record these interviews.

Among the people interviewed were Marcus Dewberry, current captain of Saint Leo’s male basketball team, Heidi D’Ambrosio, Senior Coordinator at Residence Life, and Derick McIntosh, who was recently elected to sit on the 2017-2018 Student Government Union (SGU) executive board in the position of Vice President of Finance. These interviews were made available to the entire Saint Leo population last week on channel 96.

Upon seeing the video multiple times around the university campus, Laurian Simpson, a freshman majoring in biology stated that:

“I initially saw the video being played in the cafeteria times last week, and I thought it was an excellent reminder of how fortunate we are as a school community to share such a close-knit bond. I heard many people saying that they loved Saint Leo because of the family atmosphere created, and because of the strong core values which are stressed. It is the same for me as Saint Leo is my home away from home, and it is where I feel loved, and safe.”

Other students on campus were in agreement with Simpson, and one such student was Shantae Whyte, a freshman who also majors in biology.

“Campus Activities Board took the right initiative to do this throughout Leo Love Week, and I am happy they did. Though I was not interviewed on the day, I can certainly say that I agree with everyone as Saint Leo really is just a beautiful place to study, grow, and socialize. I not only love Saint Leo, but I also love the person I am becoming at this school,” Whyte said.

Students are being encouraged to tune into channel 96 to watch the five-minute video filled with school spirit, love, and pride. The video may also be accessed here Leo Love Week Video. Watch, enjoy, and spread the love!

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