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The Final Shot?

In “Sniper 4 Elite,” be prepared to take on a German war machine in this sniping sequel set in Italy Credit: @bagogames

In the Sniper Elite saga, the player is an American sniper in Nazi occupied areas. In the first game, the player is stationed in Russia. In the second and third game, the player is in Germany; however, in the latest edition to the saga, the player is stationed in Nazi-controlled Italy.   

In the newest game, there are some new aspects added to the traditional Sniper Elite feel. For example, in the new game not only does distance have a factor to play in the player’s shots, but so does wind direction, trees, buildings, hills, and even other soldiers. There are new enemies in the game, as well as “familiar faces” such as Spotters, Snipers, Jagers, Captains, Infantry, Armored turrets, and Armored Vehicles. Possibly the most important factor in the Sniper Elite saga that has been enhanced is the gore and the “X-ray” view of the game.

In the X-ray view, the bullet is slowed down and the player can see where he or she hit the enemy and just how much damage was made. Usually the X-ray view is associated with kill shots (head, heart, lungs, intestines, and testicles), and they happen at random.

The environment can be utilized to hide the player from being spotted. External noises can be used to hide the sound of guns, blow up explosives, shoot out weak floors and walls, and shoot down heavy object that will drop on enemies, etc.  

The weaponry in “Sniper Elite 4” is very accurate to the actual guns of the era; the character gets tired from running too far and can only run for so long. The longer the Sniper holds his breathe when aiming down the sights to take a shot can factor into how accurate the shot is; but the longer the player holds, it the higher his pulse rate will increase, and if it gets too high the player’s Sniper will begin to lose health and even become unconscious.

When the wind increases in strength and speed, it causes the bullet to sway and even miss the intended target. The biggest hardship in the game is the stealth. This game was intended to be mostly slow moving and very quiet along the way; however, in this game, none of the guns are silenced, so distance must be used if available.

As a true sniper, the players must find deposits, dead soldiers, and ammo crates in order to obtain “Silenced Ammo.” Sadly, this type of ammo is very limited in each area so it should be used wisely and as quietly as possible. What makes “Sniper Elite 4” so unique is that when an enemy is killed near other enemies, a body is found, or a bullet is heard, the enemy will react and find cover, trying to retrace the bullet’s sound to find the Sniper. The goal of the game is to find Hitler and finally take him out, but is it truly that easy or even possible?

All around, “Sniper Elite 4” is a great game for fans of the Sniper Elite saga, because it not only has new aspects, new environments, and all new challenges to overcome, it also remains true the Sniper Elite saga where it matters most. The game is on sale now for $60 and is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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