Campus News

All Tied Up!

The Campus Activities Board set the month off to a bright and exciting start by organizing a Tie Dye Social and Zorb Racing Event. Mar. 3 saw numerous students who were intent on creating artistic and vibrant works by tie-dying t-shirts, and it also saw numerous students who experienced Zorb Racing for the first time!

Traditions Assistant for the Campus Activities Board, Alexis Cruz, said “I think we’ve had a great turnout. We got a lot of people that came out to tie dye [and] we’ve even had a couple of people bring their own shirts.” Cruz also said that this year’s Tie Dye social was different from the last because of the addition of the Zorb Ball racing course.

Zorb Racing is an adrenaline-packed attraction where participants are placed into a hamster-like ball, a zorb, and must maneuver to the end of the inflatable obstacle course. The first participant to complete the course is deemed the winner. The zorb race allowed for two participants at a time and it was especially exciting ride because participants could use their zorb to bounce each other off the course and gain a winning advantage.

Natasha Anrisma, a volunteering senior majoring in Sports Business and Hospitality, said that “[The event] was great and a lot of kids came out.” Anrisma also stated that “[The event] brings everybody together because they are all interested in doing it.” Having participated in the Tie Dye social for four years, she has noticed that each year the social generates a larger turnout and this year was no different.

Katie Shannon, a student volunteer and a junior majoring in international tourism and hospitality, also thought that the event went well. “Everyone enjoyed coming out and making their shirts,” she said.

Senior Andrew Specht, majoring in English Literary Studies, said: “I have never tie dyed anything in my life, but it was fun albeit difficult – kind of like origami.” He expounds that, having wanted to create a circular pattern, he had to do special folds.

Specht and many other participants encouraged fellow Lions to attend next year’s Tie and Dye event; it is a wonderful opportunity to get creative and meet new people.

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