A Simple and Serpently Fun Game

Snake Pass - @Snake_Pass

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a slithering snake? “Snake Pass” gives players that exact opportunity. Produced and developed by company Sumo Digital, “Snake Pass” puts the player into the body of a snake to control around colorful and vibrant areas and solve. While some may think this may be easy, they are very well mistaken.

The story of “Snake Pass” isn’t too complicated. Noodle, the snake, and his humming bird friend, Doodle, have found that the paradisiac home of Haven Tor is in danger. The transporting gates found around the area have been crasher due to a mysterious gate crasher at the top of Haven Tor. It is up to Noodle and Doodle to fix the transportation gates and make it to the top of Haven Tor to put an end to this gate crashing.

“Snake Pass” uses game physic mechanics to give weight to everything in the world, especially Noodle. When slithering around the different stages of the game, many obstacles and different types of puzzles will be given to the player to solve in order to progress and fix the gates in each level. However, the physics engine adds difficulty to this, as when coiling around an object, the weight can be displaced, making working up or around multiple poles to be a challenge. Even getting around is a difficult task, as players must make Noodle move side to side to go forward faster much like an actual snake. If Noodle is moved in a straight line, he becomes slower and has a harder time climbing up objects.

The game is also full of many collectibles that can be found all throughout each area to help players get a better score on the level. It has a “Banjo Kazooie” feeling to it as this makes the game also partially a ‘collectathon’ game. Speaking of “Banjo Kazooie,” from the same company of Rareware, one of the old composers, David Wise, has come to breathe some music into “Snake Pass.” With very fun and sometimes beautiful tropical sounding tracks, the soundtrack for this game is very well made.

There are some issues with this game though. First, the game campaign isn’t very long, as there are only four worlds and fifteen stages in the whole thing. Another issue is the lack of story, while this isn’t too large of an issue, a better plot would have made this game even more intriguing and unique. There is also the issue of the game camera, at most times it does a good job of helping the player see the surroundings, but sometimes the camera can’t move to a spot that can show where some collectables are. Death is also an issue in this game because if Noodle dies from falling or other reasons, the player gets sent to the last checkpoint and all their collectables found after that point will be lost and have to be found once more.

“Snake Pass” is a simple yet satisfying game that definitely tries something new and different from the games that gamers are used to. While it isn’t long and doesn’t have a complex story, it is a perfect game to pass a few hours playing for fun. This game is great for gamers who want to pass some free time or those who have a love for the fabulous reptiles. “Snake Pass” gets a 4/5.

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