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Why did SAE brothers shave their heads?

On April 12, Sigma Alpha Epsilon hosted a unique fundraiser event. “Shave SAE” was held in the Student Community Center Boardrooms at 6 p.m. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a fraternity on Saint Leo University Campus that was founded March 9, 1856.

Christopher Scarfogliero, a sophomore business management major, is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) and was the “man in charge” for Shave SAE fundraising event.

“The Fraternity’s mission is advancing the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service for our members throughout life.”, said Scarfogliero.

Scarfogliero organized and planned the entire event with his fellow brothers from Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

“Our chapter, Florida Alpha-Mu, was founded in 2007 at Saint Leo University,” said Scarfogliero.

“Shave SAE” is an event that happens once a year since the fraternity was brought to the University campus.  Scarfogliero went on to explain how the event works.

“Basically we will have a brother sit up stage, auction him off, and then the highest bidder buys him. Then the person who buys the brother will shave the head however they want to shave the head of the brother,” elaborated Scarfogliero.

All of the proceeds from this event will go towards the “Children’s Miracle Network.”

Zach Harris, a senior political science major, helped Scarfogliero put this fundraising event together.

Harris was overly happy for his brothers that got their hair shaved at the event.

“It is a SAE tradition that our founding fathers started it in 2007 and we do it every spring semester,” said Harris. “I did it my freshman year, it was a lot of fun and a pretty good experience.”

The students in the audience were bidding up to $70.00. The minimum amount to bid was $10.00.

Allie Wood, a senior sports business major, “would like more events like this on campus, but girls should shave too.”

Wood was attracted to this event because of the fraternity that hosted the event.

Wood gave the highest bid for Sean Ross, a sophomore criminal justice major, and gave him a “pop-rock-star haircut.”

Kristen Upp, a junior psychology major, got to shave Andrew Lifka, a junior health care management major.

“SAE is a great organization,” expressed Upp. “Children are getting a lot from this out of the goodness of SAE member’s hearts.”

Many of the participants were attracted to the event for different reasons. Taryn Kinnett, a junior majoring in elementary education, was attracted to this event through “social media promotions,” while Tristen Peters, a fire fighter from Michigan, came because he simply wanted to see “what a bald person looks like.”

“I love supporting all organizations,” said Kinnett. “Events that support philanthropy are great!”

“It was funny but it was not supposed to be mean. It is going to a good cause to help the Children Miracle Network”, said Harris.

All those who participated had a blast and were happy to know that they did a good deed by helping the “Children’s Miracle

Scarfogliero hopes that students understand that “SAE has a growing face in the community and that we are here on campus to help.” If students want more information on Sigma Alpha Epsilon, they are invited to check out their website at

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