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13 Reasons Why Review

“13 Reasons Why” is the most recent Netflix original series, based off the 2007 book “13 Reasons Why,” written by Jay Asher. The show is directed by Brian Yorkey and has a strong production cast; with the most well-known producer being, actress and musician, Selena Gomez.

The television series follows a group of teens who are all connected by a girl, one who committed suicide. The show mainly follows two characters throughout, being Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker. Clay Jensen is played by Dylan Minnette, known for his role in the 2015 movie “Goosebumps.” Minnette’s character goes through a roller-coaster of emotions while he is blackmailed to listen to tapes recorded by his late friend, Hannah Baker.

Hannah Baker, portrayed by Katherine Langford, talks through every moment that led up to her decision to commit suicide. Langford’s character gives two sets of tapes to a friend, and instructs that the tapes be passed down to every person on the tapes, or else they will be released to the public from an unknown source.

The characters are tied together through Hannah Baker’s tapes, straining their already rough high school experiences. The writing is very well scripted; every episode intertwined with the next, while keeping the audience in anticipation for the next character’s true personality to come to light.

The story behind every character ties the audience to each person differently, with there being either a surprise or disappointment after finding out why they are on the tapes. The actors

emit the character’s emotion through the silver screen and onto the audience, with their personas bouncing off one another.

The pilot episode begins with typical high school drama, with rumors swirling around the school concerning what Hannah Baker may or may not have done on a date with a popular jock. Every episode to follow builds upon each other, showing Hannah Baker’s cause to fall into such a deep depression. This could have easily slipped under an over-dramatized cliché series, but the plot escalates with very serious and realistic issues.

The show reveals the reality of what many high schoolers of both genders go through, allowing the audience to relate. There are disclaimers at the beginning of two episodes, warning the viewer to take caution while watching. There are several intense scenes concerning sexual assault and self-harm, that may cause triggers in certain viewers.

The original series is binge-worthy, and the viewer should set a lot of time out of their day to watch, due to its ability to capture the audience’s anticipation. The characters’ dynamics are clear through every episode, showing the casting producer’s success in casting correct actors for each personality.

“13 Reasons Why” receives 5 paws, meaning it is a must watch. The series is the next big Netflix original series that everyone will be talking about. However, it should only be watched by a mature audience, due to its graphic nature.

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