Fantasy Football 101

Le’veon Bell could easily be the best running back in the NFL this season

The 2017 NFL season is only a few weeks away, which means fantasy football leagues are getting started all over the country.

For those unfamiliar with fantasy football, it usually involves a group of people coming together to draft real life football players to a team of their own. Teams will play each other every week of the NFL season and based on real life performance by their players, it will determine who has the most points to win the matchup. Winning and losing matchups determine where you are in the league standings, and just like in real sports, the top teams will end up making the playoffs.

There are more rules and instructions for players to learn, but this article should give you enough to go out and start a team. Most sport websites such as ESPN and Yahoo Sports offer free leagues to join. Usually people draft teams starting in early August and up until the start of the NFL season, which this year is September 7th. There’s no harm in trying, it’s a fun new activity, and it gives you a new way to look at football.

Once the you decide to join a league, there is going to be a huge list of players to choose from on draft day. Every quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, and kicker in the NFL can be picked as long as they haven’t already been chosen by the other people in the league. There are no duplicates of players, so the most popular players tend to go early, such as Tom Brady. Since there are so many players to choose from, here is a list of some top picks that can lead owners to a championship.

Aaron Rodgers, QB Green Bay Packers:

       There is a lot of debate about who is the best quarterback in the NFL, and while the consensus agrees that Tom Brady is number one, that does not necessarily reflect in fantasy football. Rodgers is the most elite quarterback when it comes to drafting a fantasy football team, he should be the top quarterback for most people. Rodgers is still young when compared to Brady which should help him stay healthy and use his running skills to get more fantasy points. He led the league with 40 passing touchdowns last year and has over 30 in three straight seasons. The star quarterback should come out on top as the highest scoring player in fantasy football this season.

Le’veon Bell, RB Pittsburgh Steelers:

       Regarded by some as the best running back in the NFL, Bell is a monster on the field and can easily finish the season as the best running back in fantasy football. With Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback having slowed down in recent years, Bell has become the center of the offense and he will be given every opportunity to show what he can do with the ball in his hands. Expect Bell to score double digit touchdowns and easily reach 1,500 total yards.

Antonio Brown, WR Pittsburgh Steelers:

       A second Steeler is on this list, it may seem too good to be true but this offense is more than capable of having the best running back and best wide receiver in football. Brown is the most reliable wide receiver in fantasy football with four straight seasons of over 1,200 receiving yards and three straight years of double digit touchdowns. Any team that leaves the draft with Brown as their best player will be a threat to win the whole season.

Kareem Hunt, RB Kansas City Chiefs:

       Not a household name for many people, Hunt will now be the starting running back for Kansas City this season. Spencer Ware, the original starter, is likely out for the entire 2017 season, leaving Hunt to get the majority of the carries for the run heavy Chiefs. The rookie has been impressive in the preseason and should have no problem being productive this season. Hunt is a solid pick in the third or fourth round of the draft and can give your team some great depth.

Doug Baldwin, WR Seattle Seahawks:

       Baldwin has quietly been one the of the best wide receivers in the NFL over the past two seasons. He is coming off of back to back 1,000 yards seasons and has 21 touchdowns in his last 32 games. You’ll probably be able to get Baldwin at the beginning of the third round and he should provide plenty of value at that price. Expect the veteran wide receiver to be top-5 at the position by the end of the season.

Once you draft your team, and hopefully have one of the player listed above, all you have to do is wait for the season to start and watch your players get you lots of points. People involved in leagues with friends or coworkers can really start to take it seriously with elaborate draft parties and big prizes for the winner of the season. It is definitely worth trying for anyone who likes football and wants a new, fun way to get involved in the sport.

Recruit, Retain, and Communicate

As Dr. Lennox prepares for year three, his priorities are clear.

University President Dr. William J. Lennox reflected on his “sophomore year” at Saint Leo as a very positive one overall.

Lennox shared that the University was initially concerned that its expenses were crossing the revenue line, but because some productive, repositioning changes were made, the operational dollars over the last two years have been positive.  

“I think a lot of people didn’t realize that Saint Leo is in very good shape financially overall. We’ve got a good reserve and we’ve been positive over the last couple of years, but we have to be good stewards as we go forward because the environment is rough out there right now,” said Lennox.


He shared that the number of high school seniors is flattening out and the military has downsized, but that the financial side is doing very well.

Lennox explained that people have jobs right now and the University is countercyclical. So, when people have jobs, they’re less likely to go to school and when there are fewer jobs available, they’re more likely to start going to school. “It’s a tough environment and we’ve got to be competitive. I think we’ve restructured ourselves in such a way that we’re in pretty good shape right now,” said Lennox.  

The President informed that the primary plan he intends to tackle this coming academic school year is revenue. He said that the University has three objectives for this year: to recruit more students, to retain and graduate those students, and to communicate with one another. Lennox explained that after the University went through the restructure, people and departments that had never before interacted are talking to each other now and working on building trust and communication lines.   

“When I first came in, we were much like a holding company. So, you had Saint Leo, and then you had your campus, you had your online, you had your centers, and you had the graduate program, and they really were separate entities. What we’ve done is combined everything now so that we’re one university,” said Lennox.

He shared that an example of this is the education counselors who take calls from prospective students are now talking to the centers as well, whereas they only used to deal with the online program. Essentially, the online program and the centers used to compete but are now working together to help one another out.   

Additionally, Lennox informed that the University has begun putting specific staff and faculty members in charge of different objectives for the year with the goal in mind of listening to new ideas about recruitment, retention, or communication.

It has been rumored among the faculty and staff that Dr. Lennox signed a three-year contract when he first started at Saint Leo. When asked about this claim, Lennox remarked, “I plan on staying.” He reflected on his time in the military and how people would ask him when he was going to retire. He shared that he used to say that as long as he was having fun, he was going to stay.

“There’s a lot of energy on the campus here. During the summertime, it is quiet and so it’s great having the students back. For me, I look at it as stealing the energy from the young. So, as long as I feel energized and feel like I’m contributing, I think I’ll be staying,” said Lennox.  

One of the primary changes happening at Saint Leo this academic school year will be the addition of a provost. Former Vice President of Academic Affairs Mike Nastanski will be returning to teaching this year, so the University is taking advantage of this opportunity to “elevate the stature of that position,” according to Dr. Lennox.

“I want the provost now to certainly take care of all the things that the VP for academic affairs did, [including] all of the classes and programs for the campus and also for WorldWide. But also, I want them to take care of the campus so you have that synergy between the academic side and the student success side. This way, I think you’ll get better mentoring and better advising, which is critical for retention,” said Lennox.  

Lennox expressed his belief of the importance of the University having better advising to supplement what the people that focus on retention are doing and having those two aspects work together.

“Eventually, this means that I’ll have one person as a senior vice president who’s a provost taking care of academics and the campus and then one senior vice president taking care of WorldWide and marketing enrollment, and that’s Dr. Melanie Storms. Again, it’s a move I think to put the University together and that will free me up to do more,” said Lennox.  

Essentially, the provost will be able to do more specialized things for and with the students on campus. This addition will free up the President both externally and internally. Students should expect to begin to see the provost around campus just as much as they typically see Dr. Lennox on a weekly basis.


“I think it’s critical that my vice presidents’ faces are around campus and around WorldWide,” said Lennox. “I expect that all of our faces will be around here and mine just as much as the new provost’s. I enjoy the interaction, I really do, and I would miss that if I felt like I was going to back out of this. The provost will just be an additional face taking the place of the vice president of academic affairs,” he continued.  

According to Lennox, the University has interviewed three candidates for provost so far, but their lead candidate just recently backed out. “I think he was an urban person and when they came to visit the campus, we’re out a little ways and I think the rural atmosphere might have dissuaded him,” he stated.

Lennox informed that he didn’t believe that the two other candidates were quite as good of a fit, so they’re going to continue the search. “I’m looking for somebody that is a very good academic, but also a very good leader. So, I expect that person to be out with the faculty, with the staff, and with the students, too,” said Lennox. He informed that his advisors have told him that they’re coming into a good season for hiring, so he’s hopeful that they’ll find a good candidate for provost soon.  


Having a provost would allow Dr. Lennox to have more time to handle other affairs, such as checking up on the centers.


Lennox recounted when he first started at Saint Leo that he visited the Savannah center and the director reminded him that he has about 2,220 students on main University campus, but that there are about 13,000 students WorldWide, [across other centers around the country and online] so to not forget about them.  

Currently, Dr. Mary Spoto is sitting as the interim vice president of academic affairs.


As many are aware, undergraduate admissions numbers are down so much this year that there’s a vacant floor in both Marmion and Snyder. When asked about this problem, Dr. Lennox remarked, “It’s always a concern when it [recruitment] doesn’t go quite the way you expected it, but there is a plan.”

Lennox informed that there is a campaign plan set up to remedy this problem that targets certain populations that he feels the University could do a better job at. He believes that better targeting Catholic high schools, international students, homeschooled students, and the Hispanic population will be helpful for the next recruitment season.   

“We had a great meeting over the summer with the National Hispanic Institute. We had 130 rising Hispanic seniors here on campus and they had an opportunity to see Saint Leo and we’re going to continue that relationship. We’ve got a three-year contract with them now where they’re going to come back each time,” said Lennox.

The University wants to increase enrollments both on campus and WorldWide, so they have campaign plans in place in each of those areas.  

A common concern for current students when enrollment is down is how it will affect tuition. When asked about this concern, Lennox said, “It’s not going to affect tuition. We have fought to keep our tuition low.”

Lennox informed that if you do a comparison between the private schools right now, Saint Leo has done a great job in “tamping down” tuition. “I’m not saying it’s not going to increase, but it’s not going to increase to offset this [the low enrollment numbers]. Remember, I told you that we restructured, so we’re in pretty good shape right now. We can take this and we’ve done well over the last couple years financially. So, we’re working to do that throughout the rest of the year,” he stated.  

Lennox explained that when the problem of low enrollment arises, the argument is to either increase margins or volume and that the University is aiming to increase volume. He assured that there are opportunities available to do a better job at bringing in students without raising tuition.

The President informed that he’s been asking the staff, faculty, and students what would happen if each of them brought in one student to come to the school next year and has been explaining to everyone how powerful that would be.

He also stated that one of the ideas the University is exploring is having students go home to their high schools and possibly even some neighboring high schools to talk to them about Saint Leo. The students would wear their Saint Leo gear and bring the prospective students pennants.

Lennox’s advice to returning students to encourage the new students about their first year is to tell them to get involved. “Get your ideas for increasing campus activities to the Student Activities folks. And if you see somebody in trouble, help. Raise your hand. Whether it’s academic, financial, or whatever, raise your hand. Let’s work to retain everybody,” said Lennox.

“My idea is, if we accept somebody in and they work, we ought to be able to graduate them. And I think that’s extremely important. As long as they’re working, we ought to work to get them to the finish line. And I told the parents this, too as I spoke to them the other day with the freshmen: finish in four years. Five years is an extra charge and you’re not earning money,” Lennox continued.

Last semester, Saint Leo hosted its first Town Hall Meeting with President Lennox, and many can attest to the fact that it got a bit chaotic. When asked about the rather hectic event, Lennox remarked, “Look, I’ve been in the Army 35 years, I’ve been in business and I’ve had those sessions before. That doesn’t bother me. Those are concerns and I listen to them and I think it’s important to hear them.”

“To be more efficient, I don’t know, maybe we do it by topic. Maybe that would be an important way to focus on each particular area this time,” he added.

Lennox explained that he had a couple meetings with Student Government and the activity leaders last year, so the Town Hall was not the only time he talked to students; it was likely just the most public one. He added that they were all very productive and the students had some great ideas because they want to be engaged.

“I’ve also had breakfast with them and I’m in the dining facility with them at about 11:30 every day and I sit with students, with the vice presidents, and with faculty. So, if anybody has an idea or anything, I’m willing to listen. That’s not to say that every idea is a good idea, but I’m willing to listen to hear what they have to say,” said Lennox.

As many are aware, expansion plans for “West Campus” were recently announced. When asked for an update on the plans, Lennox informed that there are a couple plans that the University is exploring, but they haven’t brought anything to the Board yet, so nothing is official.

Lennox stated that the primary thing that they’re focusing on in relation to West Campus right now is the Wellness Center. According to Dr. Lennox, the University tried to get the government to give them $4M last year, but it got cut at the very end. Despite this setback, the University’s contacts in Tallahassee have encouraged them to try again, so that’s what they plan on doing.

As everyone became aware of last semester, the University recently partnered with Florida Hospital. This partnership is how the future Wellness Center will come to fruition. “I think that long term, we’re looking at them being partners for quite a while,” stated Lennox.

Lennox believes that getting a real medical center on campus is key. “I’d ask you to go down to deChantal Hall and take a look at what’s been done down there. They’ve really done an expert job of improving conditions over the summer. But, we need a better facility and this gives us an opportunity to build that facility with a fitness center on top,” said Lennox.

“I’m not saying that it [the Wellness Center] was bad before, but there was a lack of privacy. Now, they have real examination rooms, a waiting room out in front, and they’ve been working to digitize the records so that you can actually have electronic records instead of handwritten ones. We’re just becoming more professional over there,” said Lennox. “I’m sure we’re going to have challenges because this is something new. But at the same time, I think we’ve improved what we have to offer over there,” he added.

He shared his belief that the campus fitness center is not appropriate for most students and that the school needs a better place for the athletes to workout. So, a new wellness and fitness center combined would solve both problems.

Another thought the University has for West Campus is a “freshmen experience.” Marmion and Snyder would be redone and converted into office space, a new residence hall would be built in place of Marmion and Snyder and likely in place of the ones on main campus as well, and new academic buildings for general education courses primarily would start being built. Again, these are all simply ideas being considered; nothing is confirmed yet.  

Lennox also stated that the University is looking into pursuing opportunities for various programs such as nursing and STEM programs.

Recently, some students have expressed concern that some of the scholarships that have been available for application in the past have disappeared from the website. Dr. Lennox informed that the amount of scholarships offered to students has actually gone up considerably and that the University’s donors have been very generous.


He stated that approximately 80 new scholarships will be published on Sept. 1, so students should pay attention and look out for them on the website. He also believes that there will be approximately another 50 offered in the spring for the following school year.  

“We have about 350 scholarships, whereas about two years ago, we had only about 150. But when you commit them, they’re usually committed for three or four years. So, some years look like there’s more and then some years less because if you’ve made a commitment, it takes away from that 350 for a number of years because you’re going to get that over a period of one to four years,” stated Lennox.

“Maybe what students saw last year was a slight reduction because others had been given earlier, but they’ll become available again as time passes. And we’re going to keep raising money for scholarships. I think that’s a critical area for us. That sort of goes with keeping the tuition low and providing assistance as we can,” he continued.

There has been some confusion about where the location of the ROTC center has finally landed, as it has moved a couple times recently. According to Dr. Lennox, it will now be located in St. Francis Hall. The official ribbon cutting for the new center will be on Sept. 6.

“Throughout the summer, they worked to improve it. They’re going to be in classrooms now and we’re going to get rid of those old portables over there. They’re just unattractive and that’s not the appropriate place for them. We’re trying to increase the number of people in ROTC and that was really an unprofessional looking operation,” said Lennox.  

The Military Resource Center is still for veterans, but Colonel Martis wants the ROTC program working with the veterans to serve as another place that they can go. “We want them to have a classroom environment. So, what we’re trying to do is improve and expand the ROTC program here,” said Lennox.

Lennox also informed that the ROTC program has a new Captain: Ivan De La Rosa.

With the University’s goal of graduating students in four years, many believe that implementing summer classes is a necessary step. When asked about this thought, Lennox remarked that he’d “like to see it.”

“We tried it two years ago, but I think we tried it too late. I think they announced it and everybody already had jobs and activities so it didn’t work. I’ve talked to Dr. Spoto about taking a look at it again this year,” stated Lennox.

Lennox informed that some of the faculty suggested the new incoming class taking some classes as they entered the year, which is what is now the FIRST program: First-Generations Immersed in Rewarding Scholarship to Transition Successfully. The program is comprised of 16 students who are the first in their families to attend college.

“It’s really a great concept. I think taking some of the students who need some extra help and getting them into the classroom and campus environment and actually taking classes early gives them a great advantage. They get to know their way around, they shake off any of the homesickness, and then they have a little family that they stick together with,” said Lennox.

“So on one end, maybe in the April-May time frame, we take a look at classes for the upperclassmen to supplement what they’re doing and then maybe in the August time period we take a look at some of the new ones coming in and giving them an opportunity to get ahead of the game,” he continued.  

When asked about one piece of advice he’d give to the new freshmen class, Dr. Lennox advised to “Get involved.” He believes that the key things are to get engaged, to do an activity, and to take advantage of “what we have here.” “Don’t stay in your rooms. Do your studying and if you have problems, get help. As long as you’re working, we’ll work with you to get you through the gates here,” he said.

As mentioned before, President Lennox shared that the main thing to focus on for this year is recruiting more students, retaining more students, and graduating those students. Additionally, he hopes that everyone keeps communicating with one another.


“Work together as a team to get the job done. I think that’s sort of been a hallmark of Saint Leo in the past. We want to just make sure that we’re doing everything we possibly can and to do those things,” stated Lennox.

Trump Pardons Arizona Sheriff to Much Controversy

On Aug. 25th, President Donald Trump officially pardoned Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to much controversy, with words such as “racism”, “white supremacy”, and “human’s rights violations” being thrown around by the public.

Joe Arpaio had been the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona from 1993 to Jan. 1st, 2017. Arpaio has for years been accused of several unethical sheriff activities, such as running a “tent city” jail for those awaiting trails with no air conditioning where temperatures could reach as high as 147 degrees in the desert, sending a deputy to Hawaii to search for President Obama’s birth certificate in the height of the questions about Obama’s legitimacy, and also has been accused of and found guilty of racial profiling in 2011, the controversy that lead to his contempt conviction. One prominent Arpaio controversy was that he faked an assassination attempt and sent a teenager to jail for it. A local news site, the Phoenix New Times has even taken to keeping a list of his various escapades. Arpaio allegedly ordered his officers target Latinos for traffic stops, and if they were not citizens, to arrest them and ship them off to federal immigration officials. This racial profiling is illegal in the United States, and Arpaio was eventually brought to trial in Melendres v. Arpaio in and a district judge put an official injunction, or official warning, against Arpaio and his use of racial profiling in 2011. However, Arpaio in several televised interviews after this decision states that he would not cease the practices stating that he would “never give in to control by the federal government”. In 2016, Arpaio lost his bid for reelection, and in 2017 Arpaio was found guilty of criminal contempt of court for disobeying the 2011 injunction, set to be sentenced in Oct.

All presidents have the power to absolve many people of crimes, or pardon them during their presidential term. Trump previously voiced his intent to pardon Arpaio, with many people on both sides of the political spectrum voicing their displeasure at this possibility. Many presidents have previously used their power to pardon, with examples such as President Carter pardoning all who dodged the draft in Vietnam. Arpaio has stated on Twitter that his punishment was the result of an Obama administration “witch hunt”. Arpaio was also one of the first voices to support Trump when he first annouced his bid for the presidency, and with Arpaio’s hard stance on immigration matching Trump’s, many people see this pardon as a political favor and appealing to his base.

Many people on social media have voiced their displeasure against this controversial pardon, with many people saying that it shows Trump is truly a racist and a white supremacist. Some people have argued that to pardon Arpaio, Trump must agree with the things Arpaio has done, such as racial profiling, tent cities, ignoring sex crimes, and even calling his own tent cities “concentration camps”. Some people have also cited Trump’s timing of the pardon as an area of concern. Trump pardoned Arpaio as Hurricane Harvey was rolling into Texas, with many people saying that he did this to “hide” or “sweep it under the rug”. Trump defended this in a joint press conference with the president of Finland on August 28th, citing that he did it during this to “achieve higher ratings”. People cited Trump’s timing on the decision as well as him only saying “good luck” to Texas in a tweet as proof that he will not assist the state during the emergency, fears which were quenched when Trump arrived in Texas in support.

Trump has received much criticism from both sides of the aisle. In fact, Speaker of the House and Trump ally Paul Ryan had his spokesman tell the Wall Street Journal, “Law enforcement officials have a special responsibility to respect the rights of everyone in the United States. We should not allow anyone to believe that responsibility is diminished by this pardon.”

Many political pundits citing this breakaway from the president could put more towards the chasm forming between Ryan and Trump.

In conclusion, many people found this pardon to be a bad move, with politicians and experts on both sides splitting from the president to speak against the act, and with only the most loyal of the Trump allies speaking in support of the act. Only time will tell if the decision was correct in the long run.

“Atypical” is an Surprisingly Different Show on Netflix

“Atypical” is a coming-of-age comedy about a high school senior on the autism spectrum. The show revolves around the young man trying to reach his goal of getting a girlfriend. The series stars Keir Gilchrist, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Michael Rapaport, and Amy Okuda.

The show follows Sam, an autistic teen, as he interacts with those around him, tries to become more independent, and pursues a romantic relationship. This premise of the show is intriguing and refreshing, especially when there is not a lot of depictions of autistic people on television. Also, the show manages to have a great premise that is not only entertaining and rather relatable, but also allows the audience to get some insight on some of the challenges faced by those who have autism and by their family members and friends. The show manages to feel realistic, but still be lighthearted.

The show excels because it doesn’t simply rely on the main character for the major storyline. “Atypical” showcases Sam’s family members, friends, and even his therapist, who each have their own problems and struggles. The show does a great job presenting multiple storylines that interweave with one another and allows the audience to understand and connect with characters other than Sam.

“Atypical” presents a complex and dynamic cast of characters. The main characters are not one-note nor static, but are fully realized key players. Sam’s mother, father, and sister all have their quirks and idiosyncrasies; they also experience their own problems going on, and the audience witnesses these characters develop and progress in such a way that the audience can understand them. Although some character’s choices are questionable, the audience still gets to see multiple layers, both positive and negative. In the end, viewers get to know, connect, and fall in love with each character.

Also, the actors play the roles phenomenally, especially Rapaport, Lundy-Paine, and Jason Leigh. They add humanity and realism to their characters and deliver heartwarming moments and great humor. The actor who truly shines is Keir Gilchrist as Sam. Sam is quirky, socially awkward, and brutally honest, yet still endearing and sweet. In fact, a lot of the humor comes from the fact that Sam takes everything too literal and has a difficult time comprehending jokes. It is fascinating how Gilchrist plays the role. He allows the audience to empathize with his characters quirks and eccentric behavior.

Despite all the great performances, there are a few characters that don’t have depth and are rather static. One particular character is Sam’s co-worker, Zahid, who is rather one-dimensional and doesn’t seem real. He serves two purposes in the show: to be an influence for Sam and to act as the comic relief. Sadly, he is not very funny. The humor the character offers doesn’t translate very well because some of the jokes are cheap and poorly constructed. However, the rest of the cast makes up for this single unlikable character.

“Atypical” also struggles in the aspect of tone. In the first episode, in particular, the tone sticks out like a sore thumb because it shifts drastically within a single scene. The show can go from a dramatic moment to a comedic moment in a split second. In fact, at times, the show feels like juggling with many different genres: a straight-out comedy, a family sitcom, and teen drama. Despite these inconsistencies that are felt early on, the show quickly seems to find its footing within a couple of episodes and is able to deliver both dramatic and comedic moments without feeling awkward. The audience is able to embrace the quirky characters and eventually the humor and how it is interwoven with the dramatic moments.

Overall, “Atypical” is a really enjoyable show with interesting storyline and likeable characters. With only eight half hour episodes, it is an easy binge. Although the show is not executed perfectly, it is still a great watch and truly funny. The show earns 3.75 out 5 paws.

Welcome, Class of 2021!


Hello to Saint Leo University’s newest lions and welcome! The Lions’ Pride newspaper congratulates you on your acceptance to this incredible University. Everyone is so excited to welcome a new class to the Saint Leo community and family.

As new students, many of you may be seeking an on-campus job or real-world experience to add to your resume. The newspaper is here to tell you to look no further than The Lions’ Pride! The student-run campus newspaper is one of the many employment and resume-building opportunities available. Jobs on campus provide experience to add to your resume, a way to get involved and make friends, and of course, put some money in your pocket.

The Lions’ Pride is entirely student-run and continuously grows and improves, thereby providing its student workers with real-world experience and skills that employers seek. The first skill is the ability to write, of course. So, if you enjoy writing, are simply interested in learning about writing, or wish to improve your writing skills, this is the job for you.

Writing isn’t the only skill you can gain and practice with The Lions’ Pride, though. In addition to written skills, the newspaper also exercises other journalistic skills such as researching, interviewing, photography and videography, reporting, editing, layout, and sharing and engaging on social media. Plus, the newspaper provides tangible skills as well such as meeting deadlines, working independently as well as with a team, problem solving, and time management.

Working for the campus publication will not only allow you to have fun and make friends, but it is also very enriching. There are few things more rewarding than working hard and then being able to concretely see your hard work come to fruition by having your work published. The Lions’ Pride staffers are encouraged to share their work with their family and friends online via the newspaper’s website or Facebook page and also the physical copies of the paper on campus with their friends.

The newspaper did more throughout the last academic school year than it ever had before, and it plans on doing even more this year. It is a paid job that is offered as both a Federal Work Study and a Non-Federal Work Study position and is open to all majors. The newspaper is a place where students of all majors gain valuable experience that can be applied to any future career path.

Writing for a college newspaper is definitely not easy, though. Interviewing can be intimidating if you’re not used to it, schedules can sometimes be difficult to coordinate, deadlines can be stressful to meet, and having people who rely on your work is overwhelming at times. However, The Lions’ Pride staff is supportive and always willing to help and provide guidance.

Another benefit of this job is opportunity for growth. The Lions’ Pride provides many resources for staffers to advance in their positions. These helpful resources include open office hours and one-on-one meetings with the editors/ advisor, weekly staff meetings, certifications available for earning through the Poynter Institute, and periodic staff workshops.

The newspaper welcomes anyone with a passion and drive for hard work, but freshmen are especially encouraged to apply. As new students, you are often full of fresh

and interesting ideas and possess incredible motivation. Plus, The Lions’ Pride is a wonderful way to get involved on campus!

For more information, you can contact the newspaper’s faculty advisor Valerie Kasper via email at or at her office located in room 341 of Saint Edward Hall. Also, you can stop by the newspaper office in room 106 of the Student Activities Building. Visit our website and our Facebook page to check out the staff’s work!

You can apply on Saint Leo’s employment website  and search for our job postings using the keyword “newspaper.”

Good luck, new lions! The staff can’t wait to meet you.