Campus News

Welcome, Class of 2021!


Hello to Saint Leo University’s newest lions and welcome! The Lions’ Pride newspaper congratulates you on your acceptance to this incredible University. Everyone is so excited to welcome a new class to the Saint Leo community and family.

As new students, many of you may be seeking an on-campus job or real-world experience to add to your resume. The newspaper is here to tell you to look no further than The Lions’ Pride! The student-run campus newspaper is one of the many employment and resume-building opportunities available. Jobs on campus provide experience to add to your resume, a way to get involved and make friends, and of course, put some money in your pocket.

The Lions’ Pride is entirely student-run and continuously grows and improves, thereby providing its student workers with real-world experience and skills that employers seek. The first skill is the ability to write, of course. So, if you enjoy writing, are simply interested in learning about writing, or wish to improve your writing skills, this is the job for you.

Writing isn’t the only skill you can gain and practice with The Lions’ Pride, though. In addition to written skills, the newspaper also exercises other journalistic skills such as researching, interviewing, photography and videography, reporting, editing, layout, and sharing and engaging on social media. Plus, the newspaper provides tangible skills as well such as meeting deadlines, working independently as well as with a team, problem solving, and time management.

Working for the campus publication will not only allow you to have fun and make friends, but it is also very enriching. There are few things more rewarding than working hard and then being able to concretely see your hard work come to fruition by having your work published. The Lions’ Pride staffers are encouraged to share their work with their family and friends online via the newspaper’s website or Facebook page and also the physical copies of the paper on campus with their friends.

The newspaper did more throughout the last academic school year than it ever had before, and it plans on doing even more this year. It is a paid job that is offered as both a Federal Work Study and a Non-Federal Work Study position and is open to all majors. The newspaper is a place where students of all majors gain valuable experience that can be applied to any future career path.

Writing for a college newspaper is definitely not easy, though. Interviewing can be intimidating if you’re not used to it, schedules can sometimes be difficult to coordinate, deadlines can be stressful to meet, and having people who rely on your work is overwhelming at times. However, The Lions’ Pride staff is supportive and always willing to help and provide guidance.

Another benefit of this job is opportunity for growth. The Lions’ Pride provides many resources for staffers to advance in their positions. These helpful resources include open office hours and one-on-one meetings with the editors/ advisor, weekly staff meetings, certifications available for earning through the Poynter Institute, and periodic staff workshops.

The newspaper welcomes anyone with a passion and drive for hard work, but freshmen are especially encouraged to apply. As new students, you are often full of fresh

and interesting ideas and possess incredible motivation. Plus, The Lions’ Pride is a wonderful way to get involved on campus!

For more information, you can contact the newspaper’s faculty advisor Valerie Kasper via email at or at her office located in room 341 of Saint Edward Hall. Also, you can stop by the newspaper office in room 106 of the Student Activities Building. Visit our website and our Facebook page to check out the staff’s work!

You can apply on Saint Leo’s employment website  and search for our job postings using the keyword “newspaper.”

Good luck, new lions! The staff can’t wait to meet you.

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