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Big Bang or Supreme Creator?

"Genesis: Paradise Lost"
“Genesis: Paradise Lost” was so popular in its one-time showing on Nov. 13 that there will be an encore showing on Dec. 11. Credit: @ScottPetersonsArt

The question, “Does God Exist?” has been pondered upon for years. As inquisitive humans, people seek answers to questions every day and attempt to gain knowledge to answer these questions.

If one is pondering whether the major or courses one is taking are useful in life,“Genesis: Part 1 Paradise Lost” takes on the collaborative efforts of biologists, geologists, pastors, geophysicists, microbiologists, Evangelists, astronomers, and molecular geneticists to give insight on questions about the creation story.

This documentary is the first 3D Christian movie about the beginning of The Bible which was previously a one-time cinema showing released on Nov. 13, 2017. Recently, the decision was made to have a final encore showing, available in cinemas on Monday, Dec. 11, 2017.

The film creates a platform of Evolutionists vs. A Supreme Creator (God) and scrutinizes each verse in the Book of Genesis. This documentary stars a team of scientists and researchers which includes Dr. Voddie Bauchman Jr. (film narrator), Dr. John Baumgardner (geophysicist), Ray Comfort (Evangelist), Dr. Andrew Fabich (microbiologist), Dr. Danny Faulkner (astronomist), and Ken Ham (researcher). It also has Pastor Chad Hovind (lead pastor), Dr. Charles Jackson (professor of Creation Science), Dr. Jeremey Lyon (researcher), Dr. David Menton (professor of anatomy), Bodie Hodge (researcher), Dr. Terry Mortenson (researcher), Dr. Georgia Purdon (molecular geneticist).

Additionally, this documentary brings to life the book of Genesis with the creation story and seeks to answer the controversial question of whether a Supreme creator exists or does our existence as humans seek to prove the Big Bang Theory. This film was produced by Ralph Strean (“Jurassic Park: Island Survival” and “Creation Today.”) Strean thought the movie theatres would have more of an impact on individuals, so he decided to take the message of Jesus Christ where most individuals would socialize. He struggled with the creation story, until he studied it gaining a full appreciation for himself. Strean’s goal of producing this documentary was to assist others who are going through the same struggles as he did with the Book.

Additionally, Ralph produced this movie based on the book Genesis: Paradise Lost written by author Dr. Tommy Mitchell, to bring further insight into the creation story. The book seeks to terminate the debate on how life began, starting from the book of Genesis and continuing through the Old Testament. All of this effort is used to bring about an understanding of the historical records represented in The Bible, relaying that they are in fact true.

As the creatures and wildlife are brought to life via 3D glasses, the story of the Creation Story becomes vivid and undoubtedly have the effect of captivating the audiences’ attention. The sounds of nature give a sense of realism while sitting in the cinema. The brilliant 3D graphics assists in taking the audience on a journey of the six days of creation. The team of scientists and researchers dissect the creation story, into a meaningful way the audience can relate. Both

educational and intriguing, the team of scientists and researchers study various fossils to refute the Big Bang Theory and argue that the world and humans were created by The Supreme Creator, God.

The debate over the Big Bang Theory and God has been a controversial topic for years. However, this documentary was put together with all sides arguments extensively. The scientists and researchers spoke about the creation story, bringing specific knowledge to the forefront about the existence of God. The film is suitable for young and old, especially those who have a profound love for science, theology, and philosophy. It is a good watch for college students as the question is similar to those commonly asked in philosophy classes. The scientists and researchers did a fantastic job collaborating with the producer and author of the book.

Movie Review Score: 5 paws out of 5

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