What Most Students Do After Graduation

College graduation is quickly approaching. Before the date snuck up on seniors, they were all encouraged to visit career services to figure out life after college. Campus student surveys of 2012-2016 showed an average of 30% of people planned to go on to graduate schools, including Saint Leo University. Graduate school refers to a school… Continue reading What Most Students Do After Graduation

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Autism Awareness Month

April is dedicated to spreading autism awareness. The Autism Society initiated autism awareness about a quarter of a century ago, and their goal is to encourage others to help spread acceptance of autism spectrum disorder, ASD. According to the Autism Society, one in every 68 children in America have a level of ASD, making it… Continue reading Autism Awareness Month


Government Impacts on 2017 Hurricanes

In the United States of America, the government was actively involved with assisting the public with the most recent hurricanes in 2017. The government responded to several hurricanes; such as Irma, Harvey, and Maria. Theses hurricanes largely impacted the country and surrounding areas; and the government had to play a major role in mending the… Continue reading Government Impacts on 2017 Hurricanes


Have Humans Become the Problem?

There have been a lot of mass murders within the recent years; humans are becoming more violent over time. People keep carrying out mass shootings, injuring and harming many people. These murders are premeditated, either they are a result of anger leading to the action immediately, or it is the result of an incident that… Continue reading Have Humans Become the Problem?


Addicted to Social Media?

Think about how many toddlers you see in public that use a tablet or even toddlers in your own family. Although parents give their children tablets to keep them entertained, their social life is compromised. Kids are picking up on social skills today that are being forced upon them. Spending hours obsessing over games and… Continue reading Addicted to Social Media?

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What I Wish I Knew When I Graduated

Nicole Alvarez - Special to Lions' Pride During the final months of my last semester, I thought I had everything planned out. I knew what I was going to get a career in. I knew the companies hiring for my dream jobs. But most importantly, I whole-heartily believed that the job market wouldn’t be too bad.… Continue reading What I Wish I Knew When I Graduated


What major should Saint Leo add to the curriculum?

Of the seventeen fields of study, Saint Leo University Main Campus offers approximately over forty majors and over fifty minors. A few popular majors being: Accounting, Business Management, Biology and Criminal Justice. Each of these also have further specializations for students interested in a certain area of these studies. Though a relatively small institution, Saint… Continue reading What major should Saint Leo add to the curriculum?

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How to Pursue the American Dream

With students from all around the world, Saint Leo University has a very diverse community. It is a home for students from more than 60 different countries. These international students comprise 13 percent of the University Campus undergraduate community, according to saintleo.edu. Even though the international students came to the United States to study, many… Continue reading How to Pursue the American Dream

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List of Graduates from both the University Campus and Adult Education Centers as of April 2018

Friday Graduates Joanne Abel Josmar Abreu Paulina Acevedo Stefania Aguirre Tia Alexander Lorrie Alfonso Ruth Alpizar Melanie Amyx Jodie Anderson Sandra Andre Guadalupe Arredondo Chelsea August Diana Aurelio Brittnee Ayers Sulai Baddour Katherine Baladi Theresa Barmann Ben Barrington Betsy Barrows Lisa Bevilacqua Desiree Bittner Sefah Boateng Brooke Bracewell Derek Brewer Rick Broadnax Brittney Brown Coretta… Continue reading List of Graduates from both the University Campus and Adult Education Centers as of April 2018