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A New Lion’s Guide to the Beaches of Tampa

Many out-of-state students and even in-state students from different areas of Florida have the same initial thought their first weekend on campus once the chaos of moving into a new dorm and meeting dozens of new people has died down: what the heck is there to do around here? Acquainting oneself with the area surrounding… Continue reading A New Lion’s Guide to the Beaches of Tampa

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Recent Malfunctions and Changes

Movie Pass has faced many malfunctions to the app and drawbacks of certain service features. As a result, the business model has drastically changed since the announcement of the price drop in August 2017. Below is a detailed timeline of the malfunctions and restrictions that were faced by the MoviePass service following the release of… Continue reading Recent Malfunctions and Changes


I’ll Pass on Movie Pass

How can a company’s stock price drop by more than $8,000 in less than a year? How can the same company lose over $150 million within several months? The stock price of Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc., a data firm, dropped from $8,225 to $0.02, with the record low for the company of $0.02 being… Continue reading I’ll Pass on Movie Pass


America: The King of Gun Violence

At concerts, nightclubs, the movies, schools and now at a video game tournament. It seems no matter where Americans go they are at risk of being shot by a crazed gunman. Where is safe? It’s obvious that whatever we are doing to prevent these mass shootings is not working. The left will blame the guns,… Continue reading America: The King of Gun Violence

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Senator John McCain: The Life of The Maverick

Senator John McCain died Aug. 25, 2018, at 4:28 MST, surrounded by his closest family and friends The 81-year old veteran had been embroiled in a long battle with brain cancer. In an interview with 60 minutes McCain said, “I am more energetic and engaged as a result of this [disease] because I know that… Continue reading Senator John McCain: The Life of The Maverick