Located | Student Activities Building | Room 106

Phone | 352-588-8316

Email | thelionspridenewspaper@gmail.com

Our Staff

Faculty Advisor | Valerie Kasper | Valerie.kasper@saintleo.edu

Editor-in-Chief | Jonah Robertson | Jonah.robertson@email.saintleo.edu

Layout Editor | Nicole Alvarez | nicole.alvarez@email.saintleo.edu

Managing Editor |  Randawnique Coakley | Randawnique.Coakley@email.saintleo.edu

Online Operations Editor | Kimberly Scott-Williams | Kimberly.Scott-Williams@email.saintleo.edu

Social Media Manager | Michael Goodeaux | michael.goodeaux@email.saintleo.edu

Campus News Editor | Emily  Kochanski | emily.kochanski@email.saintleo.edu

Editorial Editor | Cassidy Whitaker | cassidy.whitaker@email.saintleo.edu

Arts & Entertainment Editor | Victoria Markou | victoria.markou@email.saintleo.edu

Health, Science, Local, National, World News Editor | Randawnique Coakley | randawnique.coakley@email.saintleo.edu

Sports Editor | Nicole Alvarez | nicole.alvarez@email.saintleo.edu

Advertisement Manager | Rebecca Hugh | rebecca.hugh@email.saintleo.edu

Distribution Manager | Allison Cobb | allison.cobb@email.saintleo.edu



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  1. I strongly believe this newspaper should send out letters accepting or rejecting letters to the editor. As a proud graduate of Saint Leo College, I get emails asking for donations all the time. I will NOT DONATE ONE CENT until this newspaper institutes a process to handle submissions!


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